While I was out running some errands today, I passed a woman who was coming out of Hooters and as I walked by she said out loud to herself and the man that was with her as she patted her stomach, “I ate too much. I am so full!”

This is such a common thing and I get asked about what to do when you’ve eaten too much so often, I figured I’d share my three step approach.

What To Do After You've Eaten Too Much

1. Do not beat yourself up over it.

So you ate too much… it’s not the end of the world. We’ve been taught that overeating is so terribly bad for our dream body goals and our health and we feel so guilty about it that we spend a great deal of time bullying ourselves about our eating habits.

It’s time to stop doing that. I realize that the incredible fullness can be an uncomfortable reminder as well. To diminish this discomfort, get outside and go for a walk. As you walk, take deep breaths from your lower belly. The oxygen helps the digestive process get moving along.

2. Use this as an opportunity to take notes for the next time.

At this point, you can’t do much about what’s already happened but you can take notes for the next time you eat.

Ask yourself some questions like:

  • Why did I eat too much?

  • Was I eating too fast?

  • Was I was eating to comfort myself? Where’s that coming from?

  • What can I do next time so that this doesn’t happen again?

If you can get to the root of the issue and work through what is causing you to eat too much (hint: if this happens often, it's not just because the food is really really good), then you can solve your emotional eating for good.

3. Tap into the true power of your amazing body.

Did you know that your emotions affect your body’s ability to metabolize food? Well, they do. So when you feel guilty about what you’ve eaten, you are shutting off the switches within your body that allow your system to digest properly and assimilate the nutrients from the food you just ate.

Rather than saying, “I can’t believe I just ate that, I’m so full.”

Instead, say, “My body is breaking down the food that I just ate, nourishing my cells in the perfect way, and is releasing everything that I do not need easily and efficiently.”

This is an affirmation that allows you to get in sync with your body’s ability to function at optimal levels so that it truly can do what you are asking—break down the food, send what’s needed off to your cells, and release the rest.

Your body is an amazing machine. Let it do what it’s made to do.

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