Success Stories

Join hundreds of people that have said goodbye to restriction and extremes and hello to food and body freedom.

"Sheila works with you on the physical part, the food and eating and fitness, but she goes deeper than that. And that is what I needed...and not all coaches do that….everyone is going to get different results on her program because she just wants you to be the best YOU. The person that you are going to love. That’s going to look different for everybody, but I can honestly say that I love who I am becoming and who I am creating for myself. She’s been there all along, but I have been stuffing her. Sheila’s given me the freedom and the tools to release her."

- Julie

“Sheila’s really been there to keep me going. She’s really good at helping me remember why I’m doing this and help me to really get an alignment with what I’m doing and why it is important. I couldn’t have gotten here without Sheila.”

- Stephanie

"I recommend working with Sheila for anyone who struggles with yo-yo dieting, with binge eating, with being able to stay on track all the time and feel like you can have freedom around food."  

- Mandy

From Body Image Obsession and Yo-Yo Dieting to Body-Freedom: Kim’s Transformation Story

From Years of Trying to ‘Lose 5 Pounds’ to Healthy Habits and Career Confidence: Angela C’s Transformation Story

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