Business Coaching for Health Coaches: Stephanie’s Testimonial

If you’re a health coach who doesn’t know where to start with marketing and setting up the right structure in your business, you’re not alone! Stephanie shares her story.

The uncertainty that comes with the start of a new health coaching business is typically the toughest part. For Stephanie Webb of, she needed someone who has been there, done that to help guide her in setting up the right foundation and what to focus on first so that she could serve her ideal client and know exactly what to offer them. That’s when she heard an interview with me and reached out to talk about working with me privately as her business coach.

Stephanie says:

“Sheila’s really been there to keep me going. And realize this is all part of building a business and just keep going and get back up when you feel like you’ve fallen down.

She’s really good at helping me remember why I’m doing this and help me to really get an alignment with what I’m doing and why it is important.

I couldn’t have gotten here without Sheila.”

Here are a few examples from of the achievements in Stephanie’s health coaching business that were a result of our work together:

  1. Held her first webinar
  2. Launched her first online course
  3. Hosted a virtual summit to her target audience and grew her list
  4. Booked speaking engagements in her community
  5. Saw greater success in working with clients as she felt more confident in my coaching abilities

Are you a health coach that just graduated with your certification but you aren’t sure where to start when it actually comes to running a successful health coaching business?

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