Want to Work With Me 1-on-1 privately?

Although I rarely take on clients one-on-one, I know that I can have the biggest impact possible when I can help people have breakthroughs through an intimate private coaching setting.

For that reason, I have opened up a few opportunities for private 1-on-1 coaching. If you are interested, please click the appropriate link below to fill out the application.

Do you struggle with yo-yo dieting, binge eating, picking your body apart, “scale jail”, compare and despair, making excuses, being a control freak, body and food obsession?

I help women break free from these blocks, triggers, and patterns so they can get out of body-jail and, often for the first time ever, feel amazing in their skin.

If YOU are DONE with excuses (we’ve all used them… time, money, or "I can’t" attitude) and you are READY to transform your body and your life, apply TODAY!

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I was the Co-Founder and CEO of a premium fitness and yoga bag company, which I sold in 2015. Now I’m paying it forward, helping others to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams too.

I can teach you exactly how to build an empire, whether you're a start-up, just getting off the ground, or established and looking to create systems to scale and remove yourself as the bottleneck. I work with various types of businesses in the health and fitness space, including brands with physical products, health coaches and trainers, and network marketers, to name a few.

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Keep going! You're just a few short steps away from your breakthrough!