Listen, I have been guilty of self-sabotage just as much as the next woman.

Sometimes we sell ourselves short. Sometimes we forget how amazing and powerful we are deep down inside.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to shrink down, stay hidden, and to keep doing what's comfortable (even though it’s really not comfortable at all).

So in honor of supporting you in showing up as the woman you want to be, i.e. who you REALLY are at your core, here are 9 of the most common ways that I see women sabotaging their dream body success.

9 Ways You May Be Holding Yourself Apart From Your Dream Body

1. Believing that “getting there” will make you happy.

So many women believe that when they get "there" (to that number on the scale), THEN they will be happy or will then be able to have the life of their dreams. It doesn’t work that way.

An unhappy (restricted, shame, fear, worry, obsession-filled) journey does not lead to a happy ending.

Spending YEARS trying to hit some arbitrary goal like a number on the scale, obsessed with your body and obsessed with food (yo-yo dieting), just holds you in “body-jail.”

It's sad to think of how much life this causes us to miss out on. Living life NOW, being present, connected, in appreciation… these are the things that ultimately help to get your mind+body in alignment anyway.

Releasing that tight grip on “getting there” and relaxing into being happier right now is part of the “secret” sauce to long-term sustainable success.

2. Believing self-love means you have to give up on your dream body goals.

It’s not wrong to be lean or want to be lean. And it’s not wrong to be heavier or decide that being heavier IS your ideal.

It’s okay to have goals for your body, WHATEVER they may be. And you don’t have to give up on any body-related desire that you have, in order to unconditionally love yourself (and your body).

As Abraham-Hicks says, be “happy with what is, while being eager for more.”

Part of being alive is to have desires and to want to rise and rise to greater levels. It’s perfectly natural and a-okay to want more.

However where most women get off track is when those body-related goals are set from lack, fear, or shame.

Goals set from a place of inspiration are far more motivating and sustainable than any fear-based, “not good enough yet” goals.

Love your body and your Whole Self right now on the way to whatever you want to achieve, because the reality is, whenever you get to wherever you think you’re going, you’re always going to want more.

As cliche as it sounds, enjoying the journey is the point, because…you’re life IS the journey and you will always have more that you want to create for it (because it's fun to create).

3. Telling yourself you don’t have time.

Here it is, straight up. We make time for the things we value most.

We go in depth into this idea in my Immersion Exclusive Mastermind.

It’s tough to hear, but it’s true.

It’s not about squeezing in more stuff into an already booked schedule. 

It’s about taking the 30,000 foot view of your life as a whole and objectively deciding if the things that you are spending your time on are truly in alignment with how you want your life to look and feel.

And… then making changes accordingly.

Which leads us to #4…

4. Refusing to take responsibility.

Taking responsibility for our lives — and ALL of our choices — is one of the most empowering things that we can do.

Often we try to blame everyone around us for our conditions, our schedule, our lack of self-care, etc. And what does that lead to really?

Stress, resentment, anger, tension in our closest relationships. This is NOT what we want.

By taking responsibility for our choices, we take our power back.

Responsibility gives US the ability to make adjustments so that we can re-align with the path that we actually WANT to be on, versus the one that we’re just on because well, it’s the one we’re on.

Doing the same thing you’ve always done will continue to give you what you’ve always gotten.

Be conscious about your decisions. Play the tape through and ask yourself on a daily basis if you are taking responsibility for the direction of your life.

Train yourself to be proactive in your decisions rather than reactive.

5. Not being willing to invest in yourself.

This is a biggie, especially for women. We feel guilty for investing in things like self-care, our health, and well-being. And I'm not just talking money, I also mean emotional energy, time and devotion too.

Here’s my question for you:

If you don’t have your health and well-being (mental and physical) then what do you have?

Also, if you rarely invest in yourself, putting everyone else’s needs (and desires) in front of your own, then what kind of example does that send to others, i.e. your spouse, children, friends, about how to treat you and themselves?

Investing time, money, energy in ourselves is saying YES to ourselves.

It’s prioritizing that which we value and it's taking responsibility for our mental and physical health.

Plus, when would you rather invest? Now? Or later, when ignoring your health catches up to you?

6. Getting confused.

There are so many opinions, “facts,” experts, new “eat this not that” lists, and really just so much information coming at us all the time. It’s not hard to get confused.

And when you’re confused, you are out of your power, and then you tend to just keep searching for the answer from a place of confusion, leading to more confusion, and on and on.

Get in your power, connect with yourself, and THEN seek solutions.

It’s much easier (more clear) this way. YOU know you best, so leave the final decision on what's best for you to your inner guide, your intuition.

Which leads us to #7…

7. Following someone else’s guidance over and above your own.

These 9 ways, really all flow together. As I mentioned, you know you best. BUT it’s easy to rely on someone else (i.e. giving the responsibility to someone else) to tell you what is best for you.

Guidance is one thing. We all need help and support sometimes. I invest in coaching and education just like you, because I want to continue to pursue things that are part of the next step of my journey of expansion and growth.

But there’s a difference between guidance and education vs blindly checking out and turning the reigns over to someone else. (And then potentially blaming them when it doesn’t work.)

The answer is not out there, it’s “in here.” And that’s really exciting because that means YOU hold the key to your success, not anybody else.

8. Compare and despair.

Sometimes women get confused when they hear me talk about their dream body or they see my before/after pictures and they think that what I am saying is that in order to be happy or love yourself, you have to look like I do. That’s not what I am saying at all.

My intention in sharing my before/after pics is not to say "this is how you need to look in order to be happy," but rather to say, this is MY story and where I am today. 

And I didn’t get to where I am today through struggle and dieting.

I went through the same process I teach now, re-programming myself to guide from within, letting go of the number on the scale, acting, analyzing, adjusting, nourishing my body over starving it, focusing on things in life that really bring my joy first and foremost — and THEN suddenly (but really not so suddenly) my body started to respond.

My body began working WITH me rather than resisting me. Over time, I started losing weight, not because I was trying really hard, but because things started to physically and emotionally sync up.

This was MY path. Yours will be unique unto you.

But the principles at the foundation — of self-care, self-love, nourishment, trust, releasing, relaxing, connecting with your root drivers — these are applicable across the board no matter what your unique goals are.

You know why? Because at the end of the day, we all want what we want for the same reasons. Because we believe whatever it is that we want will make us happy (here we are, back at #1 again).

And I am here to teach you how to set yourself up for happiness TODAY, based on YOUR unique preferences and desires, while you're on your way to achieving whatever desires you have for your body and life.

Because this (TODAY, this moment right NOW) is your life, baby. You gotta make the most of it!

9. Looking for results too quickly (from a place of fear).

And finally, the biggest saboteur of all!

When we look for results too quickly we shoot ourselves in the foot for a whole bunch of reason. This is self-sabotage at it’s finest.

It took you YEARS to get to where you are now, so why expect to make quantum leap changes in the matter of days or weeks, and in some cases, months?

Creating long-term sustainable change requires permission. Permission to travel the new path, practice, re-learn, and act, analyze, adjust.

On a personal note, I’ve set some new body-related goals for myself and I’ll tell you, I know this is going to take time to get there. Like, a year to two years. And I'm at peace with that. (I’ll be sharing more about those goals with you soon.)

I don’t expect results over night. And that’s really exciting. I’m in no big rush.

I am committed to the process, but I am having fun along the way.

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