Every day there are new television shows and commercials, diet books, and fitness websites telling us the next BEST diet for weight loss, what we should and shouldn’t eat, the workouts that we should and shouldn’t be doing, and how this worked for that person, therefore if you “follow these simple rules” it will work for you too.

Yet, the food, diets, and fitness plans that are “best” seem to change on a never-ending basis.

Often, you see the same food on the good food list one day, and then on the bad food list a few months later.

The same goes for diets and fitness plans too. Remember when “low-fat” was cool?

No wonder people are unhealthy! The majority of the population is more confused than ever about what the heck they are supposed to do to be healthy.

Are Fad Diets the Answer?

Heck no! I believe that there is an underlying factor behind both weight loss (and maintenance) and also whether you are happy with your body in general that no one seems to be considering.

And that is that people are relying less and less on their own body for guidance on how to nourish and take care of themselves and more and more on sources outside themselves to make these decisions.

We’ve become numb to what it feels like to know what our bodies are asking for.

We watch television and make our  decisions based on advertisements or what people on talk shows or the news are advocating.

We look to other people around us or celebrities to see what they are eating, comparing ourselves and hoping to get the results they seem to be getting.

We feel bad when we want to eat something that we think that we aren’t supposed to eat, but then sometimes we eat it anyway and feel worse.

We punish ourselves with workouts we hate doing in order to make up for it.

We deprive ourselves.

We try to trick our bodies into doing what we want it to do. And we feel out of control when our bodies push back.

All in the name of being healthy and feeling good about ourselves. Irony? Perhaps at it’s finest.

It’s time we begin to relearn how to make the decision of what’s the best food to eat or the best workouts to do based on how we feel about it, not what someone else says.

Sure it’s important to listen to experts and be open to new information for guidance, but ultimately we’re forgetting the most important part of learning something new.

To filter the information we’ve gathered, and decide how we feel about it.

Just because someone with a fancy title or a reputation tells us something is true for them or for other people, that doesn’t mean that it has to be true for us.

So the next time you are on the fence, trying to decide whether to start the latest diet or a fitness trend, stop and take a moment to ask yourself if this action is really going to take you toward your greatest good.

If the answer is yes, proceed. If the answer is no, then learn to trust yourself enough to honor that inner-wisdom and wait for guidance on what action will.