Do you ever feel like you’re not really that stressed but then if you sat down with a pen and paper you could list out at least 10 things that are weighing pretty heavily on your mind?

I call this invisible stress. Stress that we have become so numb to that we don’t even realize is there.

We have responsibilities, appointments and all the day-to-day stuff, as well as, relationship stuff, worthiness stuff (this is a biggie), career stuff, money stuff, family stuff, and then trying to fit in our own needs somewhere in the mix.

Everybody has stress. But not everyone is awesome at managing it well. When we cross over the invisible stress threshold, it just becomes normal for us to feel that way (stressed). It becomes normal and even acceptable for us to not feel our best.

Well, now that you’ve read this, it’s not going to be normal anymore.

Because once you become aware of something, you have the power to change it.

Let’s kick invisible stress to the curb!

When I start working with a client and we begin removing their emotional blocks to their dream body, it’s neat to see them become aware of the invisible stress that they have been carrying around for so long and through our work, release it.

They suddenly come alive and feel what it feels like to be happy and JOY-filled.

So what does stress have to do with the non-diet approach to weight loss? Tons.

I was on a Discovery Call with a new client yesterday and we were discussing her current challenges with her body. She struggles with being able to lose weight and keep it off for the long-term.

She said that she thinks that there must be an emotional component to her inability to maintain her dream body and I asked her what she thinks might be emotionally holding her back.

She listed about five things all dealing with emotional abuse of some kind throughout her early life.

Bingo. She was right on track.

Emotional abuse from the past is one of the biggest forms of stress that weighs us down and keeps us from achieving and maintaining our dream body.

Emotional stress is baggage, and baggage shows up as excess weight. When you work through removing the emotional stress and releasing the blocks, then you release the weight.

It’s like magic, but it’s not (there is a scientific reason for why this happens).

She then went on to tell me that while she knows it was not good for her, she has been taking 9-12 ibuprofen a day for the past 3-5 years for headaches. Then over the weekend she did the exercises I offer in my free video series, and she hasn’t had a single headache in the last 3 days, nor did she take a single ibuprofen.

Stories like that give me chills!

Doing the emotional work works. And helping guide you though the emotional work, removing the emotional blocks that stand between you and your dream body is what I do best.

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