The human body is an amazing machine.

We take for granted what it is capable of. It is capable of thriving at any age. We just tend to shoot ourselves in the foot and sabotage our body with our actions and habits of thought.

Our emotions have a direct physiological response on our body’s ability to function optimally. When we are stressed all the time (about life, what we’re eating, our body, our relationships) then it keeps our body stuck in the stress response. When it’s in the stress response, functions like digestion and metabolism (any function not directly related to survival) get shut down or become sluggish.

So, you could eat the healthiest food in the world but if you are stressed while eating it, your body won’t assimilate it properly. (Sometimes we think we have food sensitivities, but really it’s stress!)

We think age is what is messing up our metabolism, but it’s not. It’s just years of stress-filled thoughts and emotions piling up.

I have my clients fill out a food journal when they begin working with me, and I have them write down their emotions before/after eating. So much of the time their emotions and thoughts are negative. When you feel guilty about what you eat, of course your body is going to have trouble properly metabolizing it. We work on their emotional health and then the positive physical results/changes begin showing up.

Also, related to age. A lot of the women that come to me are doing tons of cardio and not lifting heavy weight. When we stop lifting heavy weight, we naturally lose muscle, which makes us burn less calories throughout the day. Muscle is “expensive” in terms of calorie burn. So, when we have less muscle, our body naturally needs less calories (food) to support it. So, the more muscle you have, the easier it will be to stay lean.

Eating less and less and doing more and more cardio is NOT the answer. What is the answer?

  1. Appreciating your body on the journey (which keeps you mentally in a state of relaxation instead of stress response and anxiety).
  2. Building muscle and moving your body in ways that feel good. Inspire yourself toward your goals. It’s not about “not being good enough yet” it’s about being on this journey of continual growth and expansion — it’s a lot more fun to look at it that way.
  3. Eating foods that are nourishing and satisfying, too. Build a lifestyle to support your goals instead of trying to restrict until you get there and THEN figuring out how to maintain it.

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