Ever get frustrated with your family because you want them to get healthy already? You share this awesome healthy recipe that you are L-O-V-I-N-G or the new workout that makes you feel amazing, but time and time again, they turn their nose up to it or make excuses as to why it won’t work for them.


When you're on the road to becoming your healthiest and fittest self, it's tough when you feel so inspired and you want to share this feeling with the ones you love... but they just aren't interested.

I've been there. But rather than share a story with you about how I've tried to get peeps I love to get motivated, I think this story will be way more helpful...

A few weekends ago, my mom and I were over at my sister Genna's new apartment. This was my first time seeing it, so she was giving us a tour and even showed us what she had in her refrigerator. Our minds were blown, for two reasons:

  1. Her apartment was CLEAN.

  2. She had not only food in her fridge, but she had salmon, veggies, and quinoa that she had cooked up and ready to go in individual containers for her workday lunches. She went on to explain how she even brings snacks too, cottage cheese and fruit or cheddar cheese and crackers!

When Gen lived at home, her room was always a mess and her typical food choices were whichever Starbucks or fast food establishment was on the way home from work.

All this cleanliness and food prep... is new. As a teen and early 20-something, these things were just not a priority.

Like all moms, our mom would try to get her to clean her room or eat healthier, but as the saying goes, in one ear and out the other, or so it seemed.

She's on her own now, making her own decisions and one of those decisions was that she wanted to take care of herself. Something clicked, and now she is finally ready.

She knows how to do it, because even though it seemed like she wasn’t paying attention all these years, she was.

So how can we best help those around us to be healthier? We just be ourselves, without trying to force change on them.

To say it in a woo-woo way, "You are not here to BRING the light, you are here to BE the light."

Don't worry about changing people, just be the example of possibility, showing them how to be healthy so that when they are ready, they know what to do.

There is nothing more powerful and more exciting than to see someone you love do it for themselves. So give them the time, space, and support to be able to make that choice.