We're heading into what I think is going to be the last summer-like weekend here in Los Angeles, at least here in Santa Monica where we get the coastal weather.

I'm hoping to get outside for one last beach day this weekend, but I have to be honest with you, I am yearning for some fall leaves and spiced apple cider.

As the seasons change, our bodies go through different rhythms and honoring these rhythms is a big part of achieving balance and harmony in your life.

The fall is all about harvest, receiving the growth that you've experienced over the summer and spring, and letting go of what no longer serves you.

As the leaves fall to the ground and once again become part of the earth, this is also a time for you to let things that are not positive or uplifting in your life die off and wither away as well.

I love autumn because it is the time of year when nurturing yourself is most important. It's the time of year to wind down from the high tempo, playfulness of the summer and spend more time immersed in studying or spending time with our families.

And it's the time of year that I think is most centered around working on your emotional health. You see, your emotional health is the key to not only getting your dream body, but also it's the key to truly having an amazing life.

Turning inward and working on my emotional health has been such an incredible catalyst for so many amazing results in my life. I started working on my emotional health because I wanted a better relationship with my body, but then it spilled over into other areas of life too.

The more work I did on "me", the more my relationship with Ryan, my mental clarity and focus in general, and my relationship with money and success improved too.

It's like working on my emotional health has given me a sense of freedom that I previously didn't know was possible. And you know what, the more I learn and refine my own emotional health, the more I want to share all that I've learned with other women so that they can leap-frog ahead and join me in this new place of clarity and freedom. Because I know that if I can achieve this, you can too.

And so, I invite you to come on this journey with me. I've put together a free video series. It's called:

The Secret to ROCKIN' Your Dream Body For Life

And I'm going to share with you some of my secrets for kicking your metabolism into high gear so you can get and maintain the body of your dreams for the long-term.

In this series you’ll discover:

  • Why living life in fast-forward is sabotaging your weight loss and your health.

  • What the root of all self-sabotage really is (hint: it's not Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream).

  • The #1 food change you can make that will lead to DRAMATIC results.

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