I was running errands last week, part of my usual routine, all around Santa Monica. It was a warm, sunny day… the first we've had after a few weeks of thick fog.

I walked out of FedEx and headed toward the ocean to hit the farmers market before I hit the post office on my way home, where I then needed to tackle the last four things on my to-do list, all the while thinking about an email I had to compose, what I wanted to say in the next VIP Newsletter, and a phone call I had to make, when I realized… I was doing it again.

I was doing the mad, crazy multitasking multi-thinking that over the years, I had conditioned myself to do.

Like you, I have a lot on my plate. And maybe like you, I've learned to take pride in being able to get a lot done so that at the end of the day, I feel accomplished when I lay my head down on the pillow.

But to what end? I've started asking myself, "What does getting a lot done prove?"

There's always going to be more to do, and while yes, I am capable of multitasking with the best of 'em, why push myself so hard that I'm so caught up in my head and my to-do list that I'm not present enough to enjoy my life?

I'm practicing a new way of being.

I don't have to cross every single thing off of my list today in order to feel valuable.

I'm learning that what matters most to me is how I feel, and things like what other people think of me aren't as important as they used to be.

It's freeing, traveling this path. But it's also a process, something I have to practice each day.

I thought it was fitting that, last week, when I caught myself getting wrapped up in my head, that I got home to find an email from my interwebs friend, Nisha Moodley, titled "Delight is a choice."

In this email Nisha says,

"Somewhere along the way, we made a collective decision that adults shouldn't play; that it's a waste of time and energy and there are better more productive things to do. I've never understood this. Isn't life here for us to enjoy? Is it not our birthright to play? Since we have the choice, why not choose to play amidst all the work?"

She's right. "Just because you can do, have, be anything doesn’t mean you have to do, have, be everything."

We all have a choice.

Nisha goes on to list 70 things that delight her, which was SO FUN to read, and that inspired me to make a list of things that delight me. I started with the intention to hit 20, but once I got going, I just kept rolling. I ended up with a list of 108 things that delight me!

And I thought I'd share mine with you, in hopes of inspiring you to make your own list of delights. Trust me, it's so fun! It's like an immediate mood booster too, and then for the next days and weeks you'll be looking for other things to add to your list as well.

108 Things That Delight Me

  1. Homemade spent grain pizza crust with chicken sausage, mushrooms, roasted garlic, and lots of cheese

  2. The smell of clean sheets

  3. Stretching out in downward dog first thing in the AM

  4. The Mindy Project on Hulu

  5. Warm sunshine and a cool breeze

  6. Puppies that wanna play

  7. Starting the day with a sweaty workout

  8. The color sapphire blue

  9. Dark chocolate + peanut butter

  10. Banana + peanut butter

  11. When a man opens the door for me

  12. An Americano + almond milk + stevia

  13. Customer love for a Live Well 360 bag

  14. Reciting quotes from The Princess Bride, Spaceballs and other late 80s movies by heart

  15. Staring out at the ocean from up high

  16. Fresh cut flowers

  17. Listening to Abraham Hicks on YouTube

  18. Girlfriends that inspire me

  19. Warm water scuba diving with colorful fishies

  20. A romantic night out on the town

  21. Monthly full body massages

  22. Candles

  23. Mens cologne

  24. People that are naturally funny

  25. Hot Vinyasa Flow with Marlize

  26. Dancing on a platform in Vegas like no one is watching, to my favorite song

  27. Working with a team of smart, passionate people

  28. People that are unapologetically comfortable in their skin

  29. Yoga pants, tank tops, and UGG slippers

  30. Skinny jeans, a sexy top, heels, dangly earrings, and a sparkly clutch

  31. Catching a whiff of orange blossoms or jasmine on a Sunday run

  32. Pedicures

  33. Introducing people that definitely should know each other

  34. A beet salad with Gorgonzola and candied pecans

  35. Taking a walk with no destination in mind

  36. Song For Zula

  37. Warm and fuzzies and butterflies in your tummy when you feel attracted to someone

  38. A candlelit bubble bath

  39. Road trips with good tunes and great company

  40. Compliments from a complete stranger

  41. Music that lifts my heart so high I feel like I could fly

  42. Everything about the Encore Las Vegas

  43. Figuring something out by myself

  44. Organizing my closet with all the clothes facing the same direction

  45. A clean sink with no dishes in it

  46. Sleeping with tons of pillows

  47. Driving by myself at night along the ocean, looking out at the dark abyss realizing how big this world really is

  48. Surprising people I love with little gifts and cards

  49. That relaxed feeling I get when I first sit down to mediate and take a deep breath

  50. Eggs, bacon, and sweet potato hash

  51. Thinking of funny, cute things my Grandma used to say

  52. The smell of a new leather handbag

  53. Rollerblading to the beach on a Sunday (or any) afternoon

  54. Happy hour with handcrafted cocktails

  55. Seeing people I love totally step into their power

  56. Getting a sweet deal

  57. Farmers market veggies, especially avocados and citrus

  58. Seeing 1-2-3 on the clock

  59. Hanging with my sisters

  60. Talking to and being with my mom

  61. Planning vacations

  62. Jeans that fit right out of the dryer

  63. Mai tais at the Encore Las Vegas pool with friends

  64. Hugs from behind when I'm making dinner

  65. Feeling the love that radiates when I look into my own eyes in the mirror and say, "I love you."

  66. Daydreaming about going to the Maldives and staying in an overwater bungalow

  67. The smell of campfire in the distance

  68. Finding a $20 bill in the pocket of jeans I haven't worn in a while

  69. How awesome food tastes when I am really hungry

  70. Foot massages

  71. Laughing so hard I almost pee my pants

  72. Thick, frothy smoothies

  73. Burying my toes in cool sand while watching the sun set over the ocean

  74. Walking through a 4-story Crate & Barrel store

  75. Sitting down to write and having 4 pages flow out like *magic*

  76. Hearing the excitement in my dad's voice as he talks about the future

  77. Midday spontaneous dance breaks

  78. Snuggling with kittens

  79. The idea of skydiving (not actually doing it)

  80. Soft bath towels

  81. Working on my laptop outside in the sunshine (but shade)

  82. *Coincidences*

  83. Having my workout done, showered, dressed, and ready for the day by 7AM

  84. Catching a glimpse of someone letting down their armor and not trying so hard

  85. Pecan Nuggets from the Whole Foods Ann Arbor bakery

  86. Ideas that come while sleeping or in the shower

  87. Girls trips

  88. Warm bread fresh out of the oven

  89. Leaving a fabulous dinner feeling satisfied and like I ate and drank just the right amount

  90. Being treated like a VIP

  91. Seeing an elderly couple holding hands

  92. Watching a sleeping baby breathe

  93. Hearing a new song at yoga that speaks to me at my core

  94. Meeting someone for the first time and not having any first time don't know each other yet awkward moments

  95. The acoustic guitar player guy at the farmers market

  96. Checks in the mail

  97. Giving to someone because it just feels right

  98. Walking through Saks feeling the abundance all around me

  99. Hummingbirds

  100. Seeing a woman embrace her femininity

  101. Listening to my sister do impressions

  102. Inside jokes

  103. Stainless steel appliances

  104. Window shopping while eating fresh, warm candied nuts in NYC

  105. Decorating for Christmas

  106. The smell of hamburgers cooking on a charcoal grill

  107. My hooded blue pleather jacket

  108. Concerts at the Hollywood Bowl in the summer