"Ahh! I can't believe I ate sugar AND white flour, both at the top of my "bad foods" list! I'm such a failure as a healthy person, My trainer is going to be so disappointed in me, and at this rate, I'll never achieve my dream body."

Ever felt like this?

Well, I’m going to torpedo this negative self-talk right here and now. Stop talking to yourself like this, and... stop believing that this is true!

Despite what you may have heard, eating something that you think is bad for you is only bad for you… because you believe it is. {gasp!}

Beliefs are just thoughts and thoughts cause emotions. Emotions cause a very real physiological response in the body, meaning when you have emotions that make you feel bad or guilty, your body doesn’t work as well as a system as when you are feeling happy and satisfied.

Let go of the need to label foods as bad or good, even if an expert tells you this is so, because creating these kinds of black/white lists of what you should and shouldn’t eat sets you up for failure.

Let’s really think about this for a second. For most people, there is a chance that they may (will) eat a cookie at some point in life, right? Sugar might somehow make its way past their lips. White flour might too.

Your body is an amazing machine. It has the ability to process these things, despite what you read. But when you eat that cookie, or sugar, or whatever you perceive as the devil food, and you get yourself all out of whack about it, then that’s when you start having issues.

Food is not the enemy.

Food is your friend. It’s the unhealthy thoughts that lead to unhealthy behaviors and the excesses that come with those behaviors that are unhealthy.

People believe that because I am what they would consider a “health conscious person” that I never have a cocktail or a doughnut. Well, they’re wrong. I enjoy all food—sugar, alcohol, wheat, dairy, meat, and fat included! {gasp again!}

I’m not scared of any of these things and I am not worried about them ruining my body because I make conscious decisions when I eat them and I am fully tuned into my body as I eat whatever it is that I choose to eat.

I want you to know though… it hasn’t always been this way for me. At one time or another I’ve believed that I had Candida, was lactose intolerant, allergic to eggs, allergic to chicken (yes, chicken), allergic to wheat, and peanuts too!

I don’t suffer from any of these things anymore, thank goodness and a big part of my healing process was letting go of my fear-based relationship with most foods. Yes, I was scared of food.

These days, I eat whatever I want to eat. You might think, “What’s the catch, you eat anything you want? So does that mean you eat pizza and French fries all day?”

No I don’t. Here’s the “catch” if you want to call it that.

I choose to eat and drink “whatever I want” in quantities that allow me to feel:

  1. Nourished

  2. Satisfied

That’s it. I don’t tell myself I can’t have a particular food or drink anymore, because that has never worked for me (and doesn’t work for many of my clients either).

I teach clients to ask themselves one simple question before they eat, “What would be most nourishing and satisfying for me to eat right now?” or “Would this food that I am about to eat really make me feel nourished and satisfied?”

I’ve helped people heal some very messed up relationships with food by using this one simple technique.

Once you begin approaching food from this more empowered place, you begin to see that you naturally are choosing to fill your meals with whole foods, meaning minimally processed, preservative-free foods and your desire to eat any food that doesn’t make you feel nourished and satisfied begins to go away on its own, without any big force or effort.

For me, if I eat something that has sugar or white flour, in it or other things that we’ve been told are bad… I just don’t make a big deal of it anymore because as a result of my healthy relationship with all food, I don’t have the desire to eat these things very often.

And yet, that being said… I’m human (just like you). I have my moments too where for one reason or another I disconnect with my body and my signals of nourishment and satisfaction.

And if by chance, I eat one too many slices of pizza or cookies or have one too many margaritas out with the girls… I don’t worry about it. I drink a lot of water the next day, let my body flush out whatever it needs to flush out, and I get on with enjoying my life.

I’ve even stopped telling myself to “learn from my mistakes” because that just keeps me focused on what I could have done better. No need for that. Learn by default… without agonizing over the details, and just let it go.

This sort of approach to food is what has allowed me to maintain my leanest body to date… without even trying. And if I can do it, you can too.

And I can help you get there.

So from here on out, no more deprivation, no more “I can’t have that,” no more bad food list.

From this point on, you get to have a healthy relationship with all food by dropping the good food versus bad food game.


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