Stop forcing yourself to set unrealistic resolutions that you eventually walk away from because you’ve lost motivation and run out of steam. Find what feels best to you and make the changes that will help you reach your goals over time.

Eat too much fast food? Write down what you are going to do instead.

Hate spinach? Don’t eat it.

Don’t like your workouts? Try something new.

Feel like you don’t have the time? MAKE IT!

Change can be uncomfortable but there comes a time when you are just ready to do that one big thing that you have been avoiding. It can be as easy as simply listening to yourself. What do you want? Make healthy easy and something that you are going to enjoy long term - pleasure is GOOD! [TWEET THAT!]

Watch the video below to learn the 3 simple tools that set you up for long term sustainable success when it comes to achieving your goals rather than just setting a New Year’s Resolution.

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