What's the greatest gift you could give to yourself (and frankly, everyone around you) this Valentine's Day?

The answer, once you really boil it down, is… the gift of self-love, confidence, peace, JOY, and feeling amazing in your skin.

But sometimes we really have NO CLUE how to get there.

It feels so far off and out of reach that we don't even know the first step.

I can specifically remember times in my life when I ran around in baggy sweat pants and t-shirts because I hated the way I looked.

I didn’t feel sexy or feminine, or confident about my body, so I tried to hide.

Can you relate?

If you can, let’s change that! Let’s make a pact:

Our goal is to get you to the place where you can open your closet and wear whatever the eff you want, because everything fits perfectly!

Or you can go on a spur of the moment vacation this spring and ROCK that swimsuit without weeks of crash dieting.

What would that be worth to you? How would your life transform?

Take a moment to think about it.

Does that feeling of freedom give you goosebumps?

Last week I was the guest speaker for my girl, Amanda Loveland’s Wealth U private coaching group. You may remember, I have mentioned her before. She is another one of my amazing Immersion grads.

Any who, I lectured on the topic of:

How to Deepen Your Self-Love and Self-Care Practice

Now, I know you know self-love and self-care are important. But, I also how that it’s really easy to put them as last on the list of priorities when you have a mile long to-do list and all you can think about is, “How am I supposed to fit that in right now?! Just tell me what to eat and what workouts to do!”

Right?! It’s so tempting! I have totally been there. And, let me tell you from experience, when you're in that mode of trying to deprive or force your body into giving you what you want, it just doesn't work.

You're WAY in your masculine (push/aggressive energy) and you have to bring the feminine (nurture/receiving energy) back into balance in order for your body to respond (because stress causes your body to stop working like it's made to work).

I have the recording for my guest lecture, and I am going to share the link with you right meow!

You can listen and start implementing these practices TODAY.

And these tips are actionable tips too — meaning, I’m not going to have you sit in a corner and just try to meditate your way to your dream body, I am going to show you how to rearrange your schedule, for one, so you can find more time for YOU!

On this audio, you’ll discover how to:

  • Tap into THE most powerful motivator of all
  • Make time for your priorities (when you have zero extra time or bandwidth)
  • Transform your physical and emotional health with my 3-step life changing process

Download and listen now

I want you to get the dream body results that you have been chasing for so long, and then be able to sustain them for the long-run. That’s the key.

And that’s why you need to pull in this self-love and self-care stuff too. It's the missing link. It’s no accident that the more disconnected we get from ourselves — our bodies — the higher obesity and adrenal burn out rates rise.

It’s time we all slow down, re-organize ourselves, and point our focus toward what is going to create tangible, sustainable, and satisfying results.