And we had an amazing night. It was spontaneous and romantic. There were cocktails involved… and hostages… Wait?! Hostages? Okay, let me explain.

Last Monday, I sent Ryan (my husband… the HOT guy) a very short email. It said:

Be ready at 6 sharp. I am picking you up and taking you out for a date night!

I got all dressed up in heels, my new skinny jeans that make my butt look super cute, curled my hair, and put on my fancy special occasion perfume. Then I picked Ryan up and whisked him off to one of my favorite restaurants here in LA, called Westside Tavern.

A Spontaneously Romantic Monday Night

Emotional EatingWe had the most amazing dinner. We shared a grilled shrimp salad with this incredible avocado dressing, roasted chicken and smoked tomato flatbread, and crispy Brussels sprouts, with prosciutto and sherry vinegar. Then, we even decided to have dessert. We shared pumpkin bread pudding with salted caramel sauce and cinnamon ice cream. OMG, heaven!

After dinner we popped over to the movie theater to see Argo (intense!! and by the way, this is where the hostages came in).

It was such a fun, spontaneous night. We ate just the right amount, until we were satisfied and not overstuffed, and really really loved every part of our meal. We each had one cocktail, which was the perfect amount because we were able to wake up the next morning feeling great (not hungover).

And it was so nice for us to go out together and have a romantic date, where we could get outside of our routine and talk about our hopes and dreams rather than just the traditional husband/wife "how was your day" mode that couples can get stuck in (us too).

This is totally something that 4 years ago, we never would have done. We didn't do spontaneous, we did routine. We didn't go out to dinner on week nights because we were too scared we'd overeat or waste calories and set our weight loss goals back.

4 years ago, I didn't trust myself enough to be spontaneously romantic and surprise my man with a dinner and a movie on a Monday night, and God forbid, even order a cocktail AND dessert! The shame and guilt that would have come as the aftermath would have been too much for me to handle.

The Shift

And yet here I am today doing it… and feeling great about it. Going out, enjoying a fabulous night, and easily maintaining the body that I have now.

How did I make the transition from there to here?

There are two really important questions that I asked myself a few years ago, which I can see now were the turning point for my success. The questions were:

"What do I really want?" and "How do I need to be supported?"

By asking myself these two, seemingly simple questions, I was able to get to the heart of what was really going on at the root of my past emotional eating and self-sabotage.

It was when I started answering these questions that the fog of confusion began to lift. I little-by-little let go of beating myself up over the numbers (calories, ratios, the scale) and instead started focusing on what it felt like to trust myself.

You see, having fun, spontaneous things in my life like romantic date nights with my man, actually is a big part of what has healed my emotional eating. When I fill my life up with fun and adventure and romance, then food doesn't need to fill that void anymore. Food can be an enjoyable part of my life minus the unhealthy relationship.

Can you relate? If you are struggling with this like I used to, now is the time to get yourself straightened out, before the holiday are upon us and you are eyeball deep in holiday cookies and celebrations.

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