A lot of people assume that because I teach this stuff that I never have challenges anymore related to weight, body-image, and self-confidence.


I'm the first to admit that I am not perfect and I hope that I have never lead you to believe that I am.

I truly believe that I am best able to help you move through your fears, resistance, and stepping stones by being entirely transparent that I too am human and although in many ways I've mastered this stuff intellectually, there are times where I still need to practice what I preach.

This past week was a great example. I was on vacation in the mountains enjoying a lot of hiking, sight-seeing, and eating/drinking.

I love food and on vacation I tend to eat and drink some things that I normally don't eat or drink that often. I had an incredible walnut and dark chocolate scone, homemade semolina pasta and lamb ragu, and I drank my share of craft beer.

Granted I still had plenty of greens, fruit, and other usual healthy things… but after a few days I could hear that familiar whisper in the back of my mind…

Should you really be eating this, Sheila? Maybe you should have just had a salad with chicken last night instead of that pasta. You should try to get in a really sweaty workout today in order to sweat some of this bloat out.

Several times I even noticed myself running my hand over my lower stomach to check in on my "bloat-factor."

These are all things that were normal, everyday thoughts and habits of the past. What I know and what I teach is that it's okay to have these sorts of things pop up.

The difference between me now and me back when I was struggling with emotional eating hardcore is that now I am aware of these thoughts and habits when they pop up. I notice them and realize that it's time to have a check-in with myself because I know that if I don't, they will just get louder and louder.

For me, the best thing I can do is take 20 minutes and meditate or journal when I start having these sorts of fear-based thoughts. So that's what I did.

I checked in and had the mental talk with myself to find out what was going on at the root. After several minutes meditating out on the beautiful deck overlooking the trees and the ocean (omg, it was amazing) and a few pages of journaling I realized that I had been traveling a lot and a bit out of my normal food groove, so I was feeling a bit off balance with my healthy eating.

I also realized that I have been working really hard and this was the first mental break that I've allowed myself in a while, and some self-sabotaging "it can't be this good because…" programming was starting to resurface.

I was blocking myself from fully enjoying the vacation because of old "you're not good enough to have a fabulous vacation like this" type baggage.

You'd think I'd be totally past that right? I'm telling you, this stuff can resurface again and again and you've got to just keep working through it.

So, once I got to the root sabotaging belief, I was able to soften and relax a bit because now that I am able to pinpoint it, it has a lot less power over me.

I know without a doubt that my body has, and can again, bring me back into my normal body-weight balance after a few days back to my normal routine, so I can let go of the worry.

I also know that I am totally deserving of a mind-blowingly cool vacation, and reminded myself of all of the reasons why this is true.

I won't say that I was able to do this without effort, because it did take effort and refocusing of my attention when I would start to go down a worrisome path.

Even when you teach this stuff, you still have those moments where you have to remind yourself about what you KNOW to be true. There are times in life when you are fully aligned and fully in your zone and those times can feel completely effortless.

There are other times in life where you may be under stress and off your game, and it's not quite so easy. But by being aware of your thoughts and taking time to check in, you can get back into your power (control) rather than letting yourself swim in fear, worry, and wherever else your mind may decide to go beyond that.

I actually appreciate moments like these coming up because they are really just a reminder that I need to get back into my groove. That deeper issue beyond the worrying about food was what this was really all about, and without this red light signal, I may not have noticed. Now I've noticed, and I can work on that.

So you see, we all have areas of continued refinement. We are always finding new ways to grow. Being human isn't about perfection - perfection is not the answer. Taking good care of yourself, enjoying life to the fullest, and loving every moment that you have IS the answer.

I want to serve as an example to you that it's okay to not be perfect. Nobody is! I'm here to hold your hand as you grow, learn, and guide yourself to be more loving and kind to yourself even as you continue to set goals and align more and more with not only the body of your dreams, but the life of your dreams too.