This week… I opened my heart. I worried less. I multi-tasked less. I worked out less. I daydreamed more.

This week… I opened my heart. I spent less time looking at what other people are doing and more time outside, appreciating all the awesome “little things” around me like the sky, the hummingbirds, and the last carton of eggs just sitting there on the grocery store shelf waiting for me to come get it.

This week… I opened my heart. I stopped being the bottleneck and asked for help. I started training a new member of our team and got more of what’s in my head down “on paper” so I can let other people take my ideas and add their own unique magic.

This week… I opened my heart and realized that the universe will surprise and delight me with abundance far greater than what I can currently imagine with my limited perspective.

But I have to give it a chance.

Worry less.

Multitask less.

Compare less.

Argue less.

Fear less.

Resist less

Relax more.

Laugh more.

Breathe more.

Focus more.

Appreciate more.

Open up more.

Simply because it feels really good to live life with an open heart.