I recently had a chat with an Immersion graduate about 6 months after she graduated from the program. She shared with me some of her biggest aha's since fully integrating what she's learned. She's achieved her dream body goals, but more importantly, she's stepped back into her power.

I think you're going to love these gems of wisdom and they may inspire some big aha's for you as well!

Watch this Periscope video to learn:

  • The defining moment where she realized she was never going to be a "mean girl" to herself again.
  • The BIG shift she made from looking outside of herself for all the answers, i.e. "Should I be Paleo? Gluten-free?..." to knowing exactly what was right for her.
  • Why the quick-fix mindset actually sabotages your results.
  • Why it takes a little longer for "thinkers" to integrate information and change behavior.
  • The truth about 1 meal or 1 day and why this mindset shift is a game-changer.

And more!

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