In my journey to ROCKIN' my dream body (by my definition of  what that means for me) I have been working on my fitness for a long time — since I was 15 years old.

My strategy in my workouts has evolved quite a bit since those early years. And in my opinion, I’d say it’s been for the better. Some might disagree...

Today during my workout, I was following a YouTube workout where the girl in the video said, “I am seriously dying here.”

I was sweating and it was hard, but I realized I had been modifying the exercises according to what fit my body. I wasn’t doing the same exact workout as her, so I didn’t feel like I was “dying.”

I felt energized and alive and IN my body.

At the end of the workout, I even stopped what she was doing and just started jamming out to the song that was playing on my Spotify playlist.

While I danced, I was feeling the movement, smelling the Autumn Wreath candle I had burning in the background, feeling the breeze through my window and honestly feeling pure bliss.

For me, this is what working out is all about. I have clients say to me often in the beginning of our work together that they hate working out but they don’t know how to do workouts that they enjoy.

Me, working out to the beat of my own drum, so to speak, is an example of what that feels like to give yourself permission to NOT follow somebody else's rules on what they consider a "good workout" and instead create your own.

You see, I no longer do workouts where I push myself so hard that I say, “I am seriously dying here.”

I no longer push myself to the point of pure exhaustion for an extended period of time (more than say, 30 seconds at a time). I used to. And I know that many would say that it’s a waste of time to do anything other than that.

We've all seen the “motivational” workout quotes on images across the web saying that when you want to give up, push harder and that no one ever achieved their dreams by staying on the couch (and other similar versions).

I agree, challenging our body and mind is an important part of expansion and growth, but for me, there’s a difference between challenging my body versus pushing myself over the edge of what’s healthy.

I love working out.

I love moving my body.

I love sweating.

I love stretching.

And breathing hard.

But for me, working out isn’t about pushing it to the extreme every time.

Working out is about movement, being present in my body, and appreciating this amazing miracle of a machine (this vessel) that I get to live in.

I GET to wake up every day.

My heart keeps pumping every day.

My eyes open and my brain works and my legs work and I get to smile and laugh and walk around this crazy cool beautiful planet.

I work out to feel good, not to prove anything to anyone.

And you know what? I HAVE the body of my dreams. So I would say what I am doing is working for me.

Maybe for somebody else, they wouldn’t be satisfied and that’s okay. I am not here to judge anyone else on their desires and what’s right and wrong for anyone else.

I just know what feels good to me.

Maybe “bliss” and “working out” aren’t two things that can coincide for everyone. Maybe some people really do love the feeling of “dying” throughout a workout because the feeling they get afterward is worth it, I don’t know because I am not them.

Sometimes being an example of ROCKIN' your dream body and dream life isn’t about workshops and top 10 lists.

It’s about living your life and letting other people see what it looks like. Then maybe, if it resonates with them, they can be inspired to take those baby steps toward figuring out what feels best to them too.

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