There are so many weight loss tricks out there that will help you lose weight fast. For a long time, I fell prey to these methods too. But overtime I realized that I was actually doing my goals and my body a disservice by resorting to these methods. Tricking my body into losing weight fast is not the long-term sustainable answer to achieving the body of my dreams.

What it leads to is disappointment, shame, and frustration. Often times this is the catalyst for what becomes a cycle of yo-yo dieting and binge eating because you begin to bounce from periods of extreme restriction and deprivation to flying off the wagon, believing that in order to lose fat you’ve got to cut out everything that tastes good in order to get results.

Eventually your body stops cooperating and it starts hanging onto water and excess fat because it's number one job is to keep you alive. It would much rather you be a little heavy than to be lean and then have one of these "deprivation" periods where it's not getting sufficient nutrients to be properly nourished and fed like it needs in order to thrive.

Tricking your body is the last thing you want to do. Instead, you want to nurture it, support it, and to give it lots of love and care.

That's how you nourish your way to your dream body goals. When you take this path, your body will feel safe and work with you, trusting that it will receive proper nutrition and will easily release excess water and fat. 

This is the long-tern sustainable approach to releasing excess weight, leaning out, and achieving your dream body (by however you define the term).

How to Nourish Your Way to Your Dream Body Goals

Here are my 3 BEST tips:

1. Make a list of three things that you can do each week to begin taking better care of your body.

This can be as simple as a bubble bath or getting a massage or it can be something like taking classes in your favorite hobby that allows you to express your creativity.

The more you make yourself a priority and allow time to reconnect with yourself, the happier and more satisfied you will feel and less likely you will be to turn to food to meet your comfort needs.

2. Slow down while you eat.

Being in a relaxed state while you eat allows your body to process the food fully, delivering nutrients to your cells and allows your metabolism to do its job at full force.

3. Stop feeling guilt and shame over food.

If you do find yourself emotionally eating, be kind to yourself. Tell yourself that you not a bad person and have done nothing wrong.

Emotional eating is simply an indicator that you have needs that are not being met and you are turning to food to try to fill those needs.

Take this as an opportunity to ask yourself what you need in order to feel satisfied with life.

What can you begin incorporating that will help you to feel totally fulfilled so that you can let go of turning to food to fill the void?

You can stop the madness, the yo-yo dieting, and the self-sabotage once and for all. That dream body is all yours—you’ve just got to claim it!

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