What if you decided that you no longer believed that your genetics were causing you to be overweight? Or your lack of time?

What if you decided that the digestive issues you are experiencing aren’t a lifelong sentence, but rather a phase that you’re going to get through?

Once you start to examine, deconstruct, and challenge the beliefs that you hold, which you actually don’t want to believe, you’ll begin to see how far from the truth they really are.

Whose Belief Is It Really?

So whose belief is it really? Sometimes just by realizing that a belief isn’t even your own, but that it was passed down to you from someone else, is enough to disengage it.

When you begin to see how dis-empowering beliefs pull you away from reaching your dream body rather than help you to move toward it, it gets easier and easier to shed them and to replace them with new empowering ones.

That’s the thing about beliefs, you can’t just stop thinking them, especially the ones that are really deep rooted. You can, however, shift them using references (i.e. reasons and examples from your life) that disprove them and instead prove something else.

In this guest post on Kimberly Riggins' blog, I show you my formula for doing exactly that.

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