Whether we are talking about weight loss, self-care, or ultimately, self-love, there is one thing that is for certain:

Resistance blocks flow.

During my 1-on-1 coaching calls this week several of my clients had major aha’s related to how they have been “blocking the flow.”

In one session, I helped a client realize how she’s been blocking the flow of weight loss because she’s allowing herself to feel triggered by the fact that she’s not seeing the number on the scale decrease as quickly as she’d like (even though she’s fitting comfortably into a pant size that she can’t remember being able to wear sans muffin top in over 15 years).

During another session, another client realized she’s been struggling with opening her heart and giving herself permission to receive the amazing joy that’s in her life right now. She saw how much time and energy she has been spending on worrying, feeling guilty, and putting everyone else’s needs in front of her own.

And finally, a third client’s aha was related to layers. Layers of clothing and layers of extra weight, all hiding her and keeping her from being seen. Her “aha” was that deep down she has a limiting belief that it’s not safe for her to be beautiful because it attracts unwanted attention.

Can you relate? I bet you can. Because you are human and over time, these kinds of blocks can build up. We create these self-preservation habits and behaviors that in some sort of way, our mind believes will protect us.

Protect us from disappointment.

“If I don’t allow myself to see and get excited about my progress, then there’s no chance of me getting disappointed if I fail.”

Protect us from getting rejected.

“If I take care of everyone else’s needs all the time, even by sacrificing my own needs, then I will surely be loved by all.”

Protect us from harm.

“As long as nobody notices me, then I am safe.”

There comes a point when these old stories just don’t serve us any more. We move beyond our fear and we realize it’s time to let go of these old stories so that we can step into our power.

But in order to step into our power, we have to be willing to let go of these old stories that we hang onto so tightly because they are familiar.

Exercise: Tight Fist Vs Release & Let Go

Try this. Ball your hand up into a fist really tightly. Feel the tension. Now try to stick something inside of that hand. It doesn’t work, does it? There’s no room to squeeze anything in because your fist is so tight.

Now relax and open your hand. Feel the release. Now, there is all kinds of space to put whatever you desire into that hand.

You see, getting what we want is a lot like this. In order to receive and allow anything into our lives, we must create space and openness for it to flow in.

You want the body of your dreams? You have to release stress so that your digestion and metabolism can function optimally. 

Learn more about how to this in my ROCK Your Dream Body "Feel Amazing" program.

You want more love? You have to open up your heart to allowing the love from yourself and from others to flow in.

You want to feel beautiful? You have to shed the layers, throw your shoulders back, tilt your head high, and own your power.

Do these changes take commitment? Most definitely. Are you up for the challenge? You KNOW you are.

Because you don’t want a life of just getting by. You want a life of THRIVING.

Need help getting there? Set up a 30-Minute Discovery Session with me and we can discuss your current challenges and how I can help.

I’m here for you. Let me show you the way to reconnecting with your body, your spirit, and who you really are beneath the limiting behaviors that self-sabotage and you’ve been cycling in.

It’s time to release those old stories and free up space in your life for what you really want to flow in.

To living in the flow,