How do you feel about goal-setting?

Love it? Can't get enough of planning and visioning your dream body, professional life, the growth of your family, finances, etc?

Or do you hate goal-setting, swear it never works and don't want to talk about it ever again?

Either way, I'm guessing you make plans. Long-term plans, like for a family vacation, career moves, house renovations, or short-term plans like what dress to wear on date night or whether to have a bubble bath or a shower. Big or small, we all make plans.

Well, here's my big, bold statement: I think a lot of us are making the WRONG plans.

We're making choices based on should's, or because it's what our parents did, or it's familiar, and not because it lights our hearts on fire.

I have to tell you something. I've been in a little bit of a funk lately related to goals. You see, last year around this time I started publicly promoting my coaching and launched my ROCK Your Dream Body Program.

Since then, I've been juggling my duties as President and CEO of Live Well 360 alongside coaching 1-on-1 and supporting my ROCK Your Dream Body ladies. I'm not going to lie, it's been challenging to keep myself in balance.

I needed some help. I knew that I couldn't keep spreading myself thinly over a bunch of different things because although my heart was in the right place, I was feeling less and less fulfilled and more and more depleted trying to do it all.

I've been feeling the soft whisper of a question, bubbling up inside.

The question was not about time management or how to pack more into my day. The question was... how do I really want to feel?

Enter Danielle LaPorte and The Desire Map.

I've been hearing some great things about this program and although I've known generally what my values are, I was drawn to Danielle's step-by-step process on getting clear on what she calls my "core desired feelings."

Over the past few weeks, I've been working through the program and had some huge aha's on how I've been putting several of my true desires on the back burner.

I'm clear now. Crystal. My core desired feelings are bliss, nourishment, prosperity, and divine feminine.

core desired feelings 1

And not only am I now clear on these feelings, thanks to Danielle, I also know how to design my life around them. Whew! Weight. Lifted.

If you want some of this goodness too, check out The Desire Map. I only recommend stuff that I truly believe in and this multi-media program is jam-packed with useful, inspiration and super practical content.

You'll get a print book, digital book, audio book, videos, audio contemplations, worksheets and 3 months of weekly email support to help you make desire mapping a true practice. It's rich.

The Desire Map is all about ditching the auto-pilot approach to life.

One thing is for sure, I know when I am out of whack, auto-piloting my way through my day to day stuff and it doesn't take me very long to stop myself in my tracks and decide I need to make some changes.

Life is meant to be lived wide-awake.

Let's hold each other accountable to living life wide-awake, eh? Because auto-piloting through never equals a life we love.