Busy. Tired. Non-stop. No time. Go, go, go. Self-care... what is self-care?

Sound familiar? 

Recently, it’s become super apparent to me that I’ve been attracting SO many moms that are tired, overwhelmed, and ready for change but have no idea where to start.

If that’s you, I feel you! I’m not a mom yet, but someday.

Even though I’m not a mom, I specialize in helping busy women make “healthy” easy, so, girl, I'm here to help.

Today I wanted to share my friend Heather’s story in hopes that it will inspire you to believe that if she can do it, you can too!

From Tired and Overwhelmed to Energized, Inspired, and Lean

My transformation journey started in November 2014, two months after having my fourth child. I have 4 children under the age of 6 years old.

I am also a registered cardiac nurse, but have an undergraduate degree in exercise physiology. I mention this because although I know how and what to eat, being able to actually FOLLOW that, was impossible to do on a daily basis.

That time of my life, just after my 4th child was born, gave “BUSY” a whole new meaning for me.

Between kindergarten and preschool drop offs, sports and other activities, doctor visits and simple grocery store trips, every hour in my day was consumed, leaving meal prep time (let alone self-care!) very limited.

So, I found myself in a habit of eating whatever I could make fast.

I used to always say to others, “if it's important to you, you will make time for it,” but even I was feeling so overwhelmed with my schedule that I didn’t know how to re-organize myself so I was prioritizing what I knew was important.

The gym and nutritious meals took a back seat even though they were still high on my priority list.

I was always SO TIRED, and so tired of saying I'm so tired!

I just felt like I was going through the motions of the day to day, fuelling my body on poor nutrition and increasing the amount of caffeine to push through each day.

In November 2014, one of my best friends, Kim, introduced me to my game changer. It was a new nutritional program that, at the time, I had never heard of. But Kim has always been someone that I have looked up to and trusted.

She had just had a baby in September as well and said that she was so thankful that she had this program to fall back on during that busy time. It was an easy way to fuel her body with nutrients (versus eating whatever scraps were around) with an all-natural, quality product.

That spoke volumes to me. I quickly signed up for the most basic plan, thinking this could be my solution to getting a healthy meal in once or twice a day. After a week of just shakes I didn't feel so run down anymore.

My rationale for not doing the entire system was that I thought I could beat the system and just do it my way. "Why would I need to do an entire system?" "I'm healthy, right?" I was still skeptical, even though I was feeling better. I continued to do just shakes for 2 months.

In January 2015 my husband said he wanted to “hit the reset button” so he was jumping in and doing a full 30-day system. And when he says he's doing something, he does it. He jumped in with both feet and invested in the “whole shebang” package with all the extra bells and whistles.

I was so taken aback because he was not overweight at all and I did not think he needed to spend all of that money.

Within 2 weeks my husband had a noticeable increase in energy, started waking up before his alarm clock, no longer needed allergy or heartburn medication, eliminated coffee and all of this while losing weight. He couldn't stop talking about how great he felt.

And… I started feeling jealous of his experience.

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What I realized was that by going “all in,” he not only received all the tools he needed to succeed and feel amazing, he was also giving himself permission to really commit to sustainable change.

I wanted to kick myself for thinking I could do it by only half-way committing.

So, in February of 2015, I jumped in with both feet and invested in the “whole shebang” package, too.

And, I have to be honest, it was unbelievable how I felt after just the first week.

I had more energy than I had in years, more mental clarity and I was no longer feeling like I was in a fog... going throughout the day.

I was sleeping better, performing better in the gym, recovering faster and just feeling excited to share my experience with everyone I love (which is why I’m sharing this today).

I know that a lot of moms are afraid of (or feel guilty about) investing in themselves.

But this took the guesswork out of making a complete and healthy meal for myself in between all of the crazy running around.

The convenience alone makes the system a no-brainer for me!

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So if you’re a busy mom like me, give yourself permission to do what you need to do to fuel your body.

If your cup is empty, then you’re not going to have anything to give.

It may sound silly, but investing in this nutritional program has changed my life. I hope my story can inspire you to gain the strength to make the necessary changes to support your own health and well-being.

As Sheila says, if I can do it, I KNOW you can too.

Wheeeeww!!! Aren’t there so many great nuggets here?!

Here are just a few lessons that we can take from Heather's story:

  1. Do you see how easy it is for women, ESPECIALLY moms, to put everyone else’s needs before their own?
  2. Even when we give in and grant ourselves relief, because we can’t take it anymore, we tend to short-change ourselves (i.e. at first, Heather was only allowing herself to invest a little bit on herself, to support she and her body needed).
  3. We women tend to think we are Superwoman, don’t we? Like we can run on empty forever!
  4. When we fuel our body properly, it repays us tenfold!

Let’s all learn from Heather and commit to taking care of our health and well-being. 

Investing in our own health is the best gift we could ever give to our little ones, because when we feel good, we show up as the best mom (and spouse) we can be.

If you’re a busy mom that needs a boost (or a TOTAL nutritional REBOOT), and you’re interested in the nutritional program that is ROCKIN’ both Heather’s and my world, fill out this quickie application form to learn more >>

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