You often hear people tell you that you have to accept responsibility for where you are. Sure, this may be true for the person who sits on the couch all day and never takes that first step toward taking better care of themselves. However, this is not YOU.

You are already taking action. You are doing pretty well when it comes to eating healthy and working out. In fact, your "responsibility" for what's currently going on with your body is pretty high on your list of most thought about things. I know it was for me.

Back when I was in my dieting heyday, I’d wake up, look at myself in the mirror and all I could do was stare at my puffy cheeks and my belly bulging over my pajama pants.

Who was this girl in the mirror, because it certainly wasn’t me. I didn’t want to be that girl anymore, but I didn’t know what I could possibly do differently to change. I wanted to do the whole "responsibility" thing better, but I didn't know how.

Inside I was sexy, smart, and confident but when I looked in the mirror I felt ugly, fat, with no hope for an amazingly happy life.

It’s like I was trying to walk UP a DOWN escalator. I’d just keep cycling where I was, never moving forward because I couldn’t get past the burden of the way my body looked and felt right then. I couldn’t see past “what is.”

So, I say… ENOUGH with the responsibility!

At this point (where you are at now), it’s not about accepting responsibility. It’s about actually believing that you have the power to change your body.

I approve of myself, just the way I am.

Do you realize how much power that statement holds?

And, I am willing to change.

Being aware of where you are is the first step (i.e. taking responsibility). The second is being willing to do something different, and when I say “something” I’m talking about something as seemingly insignificant as the way that you think you look.

How You Think You Look Matters

When you think about the way you want to look, what comes to mind? When there's a big gap between how you think you look and how you want to look, you keep yourself stuck.

I want to be ________ [fill in the blank]. Now, take that statement of whatever you want to look like and pretend you look that way now.

I am _________.

I am lean and sexy.

Repeat it 100x a day until you believe that it’s true.

I am lean and sexy. I am lean and sexy. I am lean and sexy.

Faith and Expectation Are the Catalyst

Faith and expectation are what bring change, and yes I'm taking about physical changes in the way you look. They are the catalyst to new healthy behaviors that stick for the long-term.

You don’t always have to know how to change, you just have to be willing to open yourself up and say YES, I deserve this. I deserve that body and that life I see for myself.

When you do, new ideas, beliefs, and behaviors start coming to you. The past is behind you and it doesn’t define you. Stop letting it drag you down. Today is where all of your power is.

Change your expectations about life. Expect yourself to be able to do something different. Expect good things to come to you. Train yourself to see your body differently than you always have.

I am lean and sexy. I am lean and sexy. I am lean and sexy.

You may not believe it at first, but belief comes with practice.

Your expectations are what are holding you back most, not your level of responsibility.