Amanda Loveland

Make Money and Make a Difference

Amanda is one of my incredible ROCK Your Dream Body Immersion graduates and I knew I had to have her on the interview series because her dream life transformation story has been incredible to witness. 

She is the queen of saying YES to the adventure of life and allowing the money to flow in to support it, in the perfect ways. 

If you want to learn how to become the person that allows more money into your life and is okay with "receiving" all that you want and more, you are going to LOVE this interview.

About Amanda Loveland

Amanda Loveland is well known for her unconventional approach to building businesses, which fosters dramatic and consistent financial results for entrepreneurs in record time. She is the founder of Wealth University, an online school for entrepreneurs who want to make money AND make a difference, and the creator of the Genuine Sales system which empowers people to sell in their own unique way.

She specializes in helping entrepreneurs to create consistent cash flow in their new and growing businesses, and believes that if you’re not making money, you’re not making an impact.

In this Interview You'll Discover

  • How to design a business that supports your life instead of vice versa.
  • How to follow intuition even in uncertainty.
  • How Amanda grew her business from $100K plus, reducing her hours to 1-3 per week while traveling the world.The importance of asking for help and support (especially if you are the one always taking care of everyone else).
  • How to receive money and not feel guilty.
  • The huge mindset shift you need to grasp in order to receive the full benefit from any coaching you invest in yourself.
  • Why it is so scary to invest in ourselves and why once you do it, you will keep doing it because your life will be forever changed for the better.
  • What successful people are doing behind closed doors that allows them to become the person that can handle the level of success they have achieved.

Gift from Amanda

Amanda is gifting you her special video series, The 3 Keys to Working Less and Making More!

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