Bri Seeley

Live on Purpose: How to Say Yes to You

We can get so caught in the go-go-go of life that we forget to sometimes pause and take inventory to ensure that the direction that we are sprinting in is actually in alignment with the life we want to create for ourselves. 

In this interview, Bri and I talk about how to deliberately design the life of your dream rather than just keeping up with what you think you're supposed to be doing. This path is often a big mindset shift and it is not always easy to practice at first, especially since stress and hard work is so celebrated in our society. I speak from experience though, it's so worth it when you learn that life isn't just about struggling to get by. You CAN and deserve to THRIVE!

About Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley is passionate about supporting women to live on purpose and BE inspirational women in their lives - everyday. She speaks, writes, and mentors women to connect with their unique passion for life and to build inspirational lives for themselves! Bri is also the founder of The Inspirational Woman Project, a movement which aims to tell the stories of every woman, and the co-founder of The AMPLIFY Collective, an un-networking movement for women. She is a regular contributor for The Huffington Post, and has been featured on The Today Show, Kickstarter, PBS, and Free Enterprise.

In this Interview You'll Discover

  • The first step in making changes when you know you're headed in the wrong direction.
  • How to tap into your purpose and who you are beyond your title (i.e. job title, mom).
  • The one question to ask yourself to ensure you're making progress toward your dream body and dream life.
  • Why we can’t stop the go-go-go even when we know it’s not healthy.
  • How to be happy even when things aren't rainbows and butterflies.
  • Bri’s tips on how to plug in self-care practices daily no matter what your schedule looks like.

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