Brittany Brown

How to End Binge Eating and Yo-Yo Dieting

Hallelujah I am not one of the only ones spreading this message of breaking free from yo-yo dieting! It was so fun talking to Brittany in this interview, comparing notes and seeing how similar our journeys are, and also celebrating how we each have our own unique flair and way of sharing our message. 

I love how her approach is very science-based and she gives lots of tangible steps on how to change our programming (aka self-sabotaging beliefs) into new more empowering beliefs. 

If you have ever struggled with binge eating or self-sabotage in general, you are going to love this interview.

About Brittany Brown

Brittany Brown is the founder of, as well as the creator of the Beating Binge Eating™ Blueprint and the Food Freedom Forever™ Mastermind and Movement. After turning her own yo-yo weight loss and gain, binge and emotional eating and severe health complications around, Brittany now leads other women internationally to create a life fueled by freedom instead of diets, weight and food obsession as a Women's Empowerment Leader, Speaker, and International Master Coach.

She's spent 10+ years working with hundreds of individuals and despite her wide range of experience and education, Brittany always gets drawn back to her life's mission: helping women transform their struggle with their body and food so they are free to share their gifts with the world, step into their full purpose, and be who they are meant to be.

In this Interview You'll Discover

  • How Brittany beat binge eating and yo yo dieting.
  • How to train yourself not to binge.
  • Why your beliefs perpetuate your struggle and how to shift them to get positive results.
  • The silver lining in your struggle (yes, it's actually benefiting you).
  • Why there is no such thing as falling backward in terms of progress.
  • How to set up a meal plan customize to you!

Gift from Brittany

Brittany is sharing her quick start guide with you! Get the top 7 principles (with action steps) that allowed her to beat binge eating for good. These steps help her clients and her live a life fueled by freedom instead of diets, weight, and food obsession.

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