Kris Strauser

Health and Fitness Tips for the Busy Mom

At a conference at the beginning of this year, I had a chance to sit down with my friend, Kris Strauser, and talk parenting. I have to be honest, her tips and tricks blew my mind.

She has done her research and has so many gems of wisdom when it comes to not only raising kids in general, but specifically how to raise a healthy family.

In this interview, Kris shares her best tips and tricks for fitting health and fitness into a crazy busy schedule for yourself as a busy mom, as well as, how to create a household where everyone values the gift of good health.

About Kris Strauser

Kris Strauser formally worked in the corporate world, a wife and a mom of two little boys. Kris took pride in what she did and put her everything into it but in a high stress position she found herself working a lot of hours even bringing work home.

She was exhausted physically, financially, emotionally and stressed all of the time. Feeling like there wasn't enough time in the day. Fast-forward to today, Kris is at home with her children full-time and building her home based nutrition business.

Now her days are filled with sharing her passion for health and happiness with her family by her side!

If you would like to connect with Kris, reach out to her on Facebook.

In this Interview You'll Discover

  • How Kris fits in fitness with a busy schedule.
  • How she and her husband have made health a family thing!
  • Her best tricks for making healthy eating fun (to get her kids on board too). 
  • Kris’ mindset around restriction vs splurges and cheats.
  • How she eats more than ever and stays leans and fit.
  • How to NOT set yourself up for failure!
  • What to do if you feel like you don't have time.

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Kris' Before vs Now

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