Heather Dubé

Thyroid, Adrenal and Metabolic Restoration

When it comes to thyroid, adrenal and metabolic restoration, Heather knows what she is talking about. She's not only restored her own health, but has helped tons of clients do the same as well. 

If you have ever struggled with thyroid, adrenal, or hormonal issues and felt frustrated because you never quite seem to get to the bottom of the issue, you're going to love this interview and Heather's fresh perspective on how to heal the body for good.

About Heather Dubé

Heather Dubé is a Diagnostic and Functional Nutritionist, and  Co-Founder of e3 Energy Evolved, a thyroid, adrenal and metabolic restoration system helping women and men create their lifetime-best natural wellness and metabolism.

Heather discovered this system with her Co-founder and husband, Damian, during her battle to successfully beat advanced Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Autoimmune Disease drug-free through nutrition and lifestyle, and transform her body to compete naturally as a US National Level Figure Athlete in 2 years.

In this Interview You'll Discover

  • Why all the things you used to do (workouts, eating healthy), may not be working anymore.
  • Heather's story of healing her body naturally and THE MOST IMPORTANT step Heather says you need to take if you want to heal naturally too.
  • What's not being talked about in the media when it comes to healing illness.
  • 5 core areas of metabolic function to consider in order to give your body the firepower it needs to create positive change.
  • The right kind of supplements to invest in (so you aren't peeing away your money).
  • How to choose the best coaches, leaders, and doctors for you.

Gift from Heather

Heather is gifting you her thyroid wellness and metabolism restoration starter kit full of actionable nutrition and lifestyle tips, skills ­building and recipes you can begin quickly and easily to nourish your best thyroid health and fat loss today.

Heather and Damian will take the food stress and obsession out of your way so you can just focus your mind on restoring your health, enjoying your food, and feeling, looking and living better (no heavy­-nutrition-lifting required to figure it all out!).

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Heather's Before and After

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