Kim Murgatroyd

Dream Body After Baby and Discovering Your REAL Motivation

I was first introduced to Kim and her husband, Rob, through a mutual friend that interviewed both of us for his online business show. Fast-forward five years and we now work closely together as we both use and LOVE the same nutrition line in our business.

Kim is an amazing mom and a huge advocate of making "healthy" easy when you have a fast-paced life. In this interview we talk real life, like having a baby that was up all night throwing up, and how you are supposed to fit in proper nutrition when sh*t is literally flying. Kim is hilarious and she gives tons of amazing tips and advice for new moms and anyone that is looking to ROCK the Jet Set Life. Enjoy!

About Kim Murgatroyd

Kimberly and her husband, Rob, began their online business, as a way to share their love of boutique travel. Over the last ten years they've expanded into a full lifestyle brand. Through their website and Jet Set Life Podcast they share tips and strategies for creating a residual income from your passion, so you can work from anywhere and design the life of your dreams. They operate their life from the mindset of "Excuses are over. It's time to live!".

In addition, Kimberly has her degree in Exercises Science and Nutrition, she has spent over 10 years as a national level fitness competitor and has been featured in Oxygen Fitness Magazine, Muscle & Fitness and Natural Muscle Magazine.

Kimberly is the mastermind behind their 90 day fitness transformation program called Jet Set Body, which has been featured on, and in pages of Iron Man magazine.

In addition to her business life, Kimberly is a mommy of an almost 2 year old little munchkin that keeps her on her toes!

In this Interview You'll Discover

  • Kim’s new perspective on her “dream body” after having a baby.
  • Strategies for realistically plugging in proper nutrition and fitness when you’re a new mom. 
  • How to design your life around your passions (and get out of the 9-5 philosophy).
  • The step by step process on how to uncover your true WHY.
  • Why the journey to your end goal sometimes doesn’t end up looking the way you thought it would (and why that is exactly perfect and okay).
  • Kim’s best tips for removing your dream life blocks so you can step into the Jet Set Life.
  • How to master the cycle of growth so you make it to your goals (and then easily maintain the results)!

Gift from Kim

For anyone that would like to learn more from Kim and Rob about the Jet Set Mindset, grab this gift from Kim! 7 Days to unlock your Jet Set Mindset so you can travel the world and work from anywhere!

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