Lana Shlafer

Transform Your Body into Shape with Intention

I am so excited for you to listen to my interview with my friend, Lana Shlafer. If there is one person that should be teaching people how to give themselves permission to shine bright and be 100% unapologetically themselves and receive more ease and flow in their life, it's Lana. (I told you I was bringing you the best of the best!)

She shares her own story of how she went from binge-eating to self-love and now easily maintains her ideal body (even during pregnancy).

She gives so many great mindset tips in this interview, and I love how openly she shares how some of her greatest challenges have actually become incredible gifts once she leaned into what she calls allowing.

Our convo is woo-woo for sure, but at the same time, super practical for not only achieving your dream body, but also your dream life. Enjoy!

About Lana Shlafer

Lana Shlafer is a speaker, life coach, yogini and creator of the Get Full Of Yourself online membership program.

Through her courses, guided meditations and mastermind groups, Lana has helped hundreds of clients who are ready to live an extraordinary life go from "I have a vision" to "I have arrived" with ease, clarity and love.

Lana happily resides in Southern California with her Buddha twins and amazing husband.

In this Interview You'll Discover

  • How Lana went from binge eating to self-love and now easily maintaining her ideal body.
  • How to give yourself permission for more "ease" and less struggle even when things don't seem like they are going according to plan.
  • The secret to having more self-love when it feels so hard to find it.
  • How Lana manifested her dream home and lived there for a year FOR FREE and how you can manifest your deepest desires too!
  • How to naturally step into the mindset of "I have arrived" even if you've spent years trying not to be too much or shine too bright.

Gift from Lana

Lana's Ease Meditation has helped thousands release their anxiety and feel relaxed and re-aligned. If you are frequently stressed or overwhelmed, you'll love feeling surrounded by a warm blanket of ease in just 4 minutes.

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