Mike Samuels

Flexible Dieting and Fat Loss Training

I wanted to include Mike Samuels on this interview series, because he's on the same page as me with balancing structure + freedom when it comes to rockin' your dream body, using structure to create flexibility for his clients.

I love that he is all about nourishing your body, yet not stressing over having some sugar or bread here and there too.

If you have been adhering to good food vs bad food lists and following "dieting" rules for a while now, get ready for your mind to be blown with this interview!

About Mike Samuels

Mike Samuels is a personal trainer, diet coach and amateur powerlifter, based in Southampton, UK. He runs Healthy Living Heavy Lifting and works with clients in a one-on-one and online capacity. He believes in a flexible approach to diet and lifestyle. Mike enjoys lifting heavy stuff, reading, traveling and coffee (probably a little too much.)

In this Interview You'll Discover

  • How to achieve your dream body goals while still having flexibility and freedom to enjoy your life.
  • The one mindset shift around goal setting that will guarantee results.
  • How to determine what plan is the right plan for you, i.e. intuitive eating, counting macros.
  • Why Mike believes you always want to have specific dream body goals you're shooting for.
  • How Mike got over his cravings for bread and how he believes no one food group will make you fat.
  • The best type of strength training and cardio workouts for fat loss.
  • Mike’s recommendation on rest days (and what could be going on if you’re hitting a plateau).
  • Whether or not you should workout fasted and when it’s okay to eat candy before a workout.

Gift from Mike

Mike is gifting you his guide, 5 Reasons You're Not Losing Fat, to help you determine ways you may think you are eating healthy that may not be supporting your results.

Click here to access this guide

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