Overcoming Food Addiction

Interview with Roy Nelson, Best-Selling Author and Transformational Speaker

I first crossed paths with Roy Nelson's wife, Tricia, several years ago when I was looking for a practice here in LA to refer people to that needed help with severe addiction.

Tricia and I reconnected a few months ago and after hearing about the work that she and Roy have been doing, I knew I had to interview them both for the ROCK Your Dream Body and Dream Life Community. (Stay tuned for Tricia's interview!)

It's apparent in speaking with Roy that he deeply cares about people. He has been through some pretty extreme circumstances himself and he believes that if he can be healed of a myriad of addictions, as well as depression, panic attacks, and phobias, anyone can.

Whether you yourself are struggling with an addiction, or you need help supporting someone that you love, you will get so much out of this interview.

I truly believe that we all have "addictions" of some kind... so do not feel shame about this. The focus of this interview is food addiction and emotional eating, but the wisdom from this interview can be applied to any addiction (alcohol, shopping, drugs, sex, porn). 

The addiction is merely an indicator of something deeper going on emotionally and the severity of the addiction just gets greater and greater until we have no other choice but to finally pay attention, heal, and create positive change.

** Apologies for the poor audio quality hear the end. This interview was so good, I hope you still get what you need even with the "ocean waves" noise in the background. Lol.**

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About Roy Nelson

Roy Nelson is known as “the last resort” for those who cannot stop their self-destructive habits. Over thirty-five years ago Roy “cracked the code” of his own addictive personality. As a result, he lost 120 pounds and overcame a myriad of addictions, as well as depression, panic attacks, and phobias.

Based on his personal experience of total freedom, Roy developed The Nelson Method—28 Days to Freedom: a plan of spiritual healing that is designed to help people heal from their own personal hell, even when all other approaches have failed.

He is the author of the book, Love Notes from Hell, which JJ Virgin said, “is truly a beacon of light for those who have been trapped in the darkness of addiction for far too long.”

In this Interview, You'll Discover

  • Why addiction always has 3 components: it's a painkiller, a form of escape, and a form of punishment.
  • Why Roy believes anyone (even the most hopeless case) can be healed from addiction.
  • How Roy finally became ready to acknowledge and heal his addiction.
  • Why addiction is really just symptoms of symptoms.
  • How to discover the true silver lining of any addiction.
  • The secret to how Roy finally experienced effortless weight loss. 
  • The meaning behind two of Roy's favorite sayings, "Feel, Deal, Heal" and "Name it, Claim it, Tame it."
  • What Roy thinks about the term Highly Sensitive People (HSP).

...and more!

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