Marie Taulbee

Fit Mom Secrets to Fitness Over 50

Today I have a SUPER special interview to share with you! I sat down for a chat with one of the fittest moms I know. My mom, Marie!

In this interview she shares her top tips for feeling amazing in your skin at any age, especially if you are an empty-nester!

About Marie Taulbee

Marie Taulbee is a single mom of three beautiful adult daughters. 

Working full time, she has experienced first hand the tremendous balance it takes to be fully present as a mom and employee, especially after divorce. Now that her kids are grown, as an empty-nester, she is jumping into new adventures and passions she had put on the back burner while her kids were growing up.

Marie believes that life is all about freedom, growth and joy, and health has always been a priority for Marie because she believe it is our greatest wealth. Her motto is, without our health we have nothing!

If you would like to connect with Marie and find out more about living life healthy at any age, reach out to her on Facebook or LinkedIn.

In this Interview You'll Discover

  • The freedom of an empty nest and playing the “What IF…” game.
  • How to take the leap into solo traveling and saying YES to new adventures.
  • How Marie makes time for fitness (that is fun) and nourishes her way to her dream body goals.
  • Marie's best tips for feeling amazing at every age!

We have so many great conversations about being an empowered woman and stepping into your dream body and dream life goals. I hope you enjoy this snippet into our high-vibe, inspired chats!

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Marie's Before vs Now

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