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The “Bye-Bye Bikini Body Pressure, Hello Body-Freedom” Challenge

5 Steps to Nourish Your Way to Your Dream Body Goals this Summer!

How is this FREE ONLINE CHALLENGE different than all the rest?

I know what you're thinking...

"Is this challenge going to be like all the rest?"   

"I don't have time for another challenge on top of everything else I have going on!"

I get it, I do. Because I have done ALL the challenges and ALL the trainings too. And ALL the courses, programs, plans, and everything else.

Let me share with you why this challenge is different.

Without knowing me, you might look at my picture and think, "Why should I trust her? She's probably always been skinny and has no idea what I'm feeling."

Well, I haven't always looked this way or felt good about myself.

I teach this stuff and it's my passion because I've been down the rabbit hole:

  • Yo-yo dieting (restricting and binge eating)
  • Chasing a number on the scale
  • Trying to control EVERYTHING
  • Never feeling good enough
  • Comparing myself to every woman in my vicinity and on every magazine
  • Comparing myself to a past (fitter) versions of myself
  • Wishing my stomach was flatter and my thighs were smaller
  • Analyzing and picking my body apart in the mirror every day
  • Obsessively Googling the next diet or fitness fadBeating myself up over every slip-up

I hit rock bottom (emotionally and physically) and began learning what I teach now because I knew there had to be a better way. I don’t want you to have to struggle for as long as I did.

In this 5-day FREE online challenge, I bring together practical tips for behavioral change, so in a short period of time, we can get to the root of what’s blocking you and create a new roadmap for long-term sustainable success.

It’s time for you to feel amazing in your skin this summer, so you can be happier and more present with your family and friends.

I know that’s what you want!

Because that's what I ultimately wanted too. To stop being so focused on my body and food and to START actually enjoying my life.

Join me for this special, EXCLUSIVE, LIVE VIP training. I promise you will be so happy you did.

In this FREE Online Challenge You Will Discover: 

  • YOUR FOOD PLAN: Goodbye dieting and deprivation, hello food-freedom and results that stick!
  • YOUR EXERCISE PLAN: Goodbye hardcore, extreme "work harder or else you don't deserve it" workouts, hello happy hormones and sustainability!
  • BODY-LOVE: Goodbye compare and despair, hello self-love and acceptance!
  • PERSONAL BALANCE: Goodbye trying to be superwoman, hello healthy boundaries!
  • REAL TALK: What the media, experts and everyone else is telling you that is ultimately keeping you stuck.

It's all happening RIGHT NOW!

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Meet Your Host, Sheila Viers

Sheila Viers is a Health and Lifestyle Coach that is passionate about helping women break free from yo-yo dieting and self-sabotage so they can ROCK their dream body and their dream life.

She leads her #RockYourDreamBody Tribe with her signature non-diet approach, helping women nourish their way toward their physical goals, so they can build confidence, gain energy, and feel amazing in their skin.

Sheila's own healthy living journey began over a decade ago when she decided it was time to end her struggle with body-image and food for good. After years of yo-yo dieting, over-exercising, and issues ranging from food sensitivities to hormonal problems, she learned how to get out of body-jail, lost 35 pounds, and now teaches women how to create this freedom and ease in their own lives through a range of programs from jumpstart to full-immersion.

Her mission extends far beyond weight loss and her unique ability to inspire women to step into their confidence and their dream life, is catching fire.

Sheila regularly writes for The Huffington Post and has been featured in many fitness, health, and business publications including Shape, Yahoo Health, Tiny Buddha, The Rise to the Top, Entrepreneur on Fire, Experience Life Magazine, Livestrong, She Owns It, and Under30CEO. Sheila is also the former CEO and Co-founder of Live Well 360, a premium fitness bag company.