Let’s Celebrate! Share Your Big WIN with Us!

ROCK Your Dream Body Immersion (the group version) has really helped me make a big 180 degree shift with my perceptions of food/body image.

I am down 4 pounds without trying! It's always nice to be down a few pounds but I see my change in mindset and the way I deal with things as the bigger victory.

Recently I went shopping and tried something on in a fitting room that basically had mirrors at all angles. As I was changing I got a good look at myself from front and behind, and felt really good about what I saw.

I feel like my body confidence is at SUCH a good place and Sheila & Immersion played such a big role in that!

For years I was obsessed with "being skinny" and making the right food choices. Now I don't beat myself up, and I maintain a weight that is perfect for me.

Why is this so Meaningful for You?

It's meaningful to me because for years I tried to "figure it out" on my own and never could. Like a hamster spinning around on a wheel. I finally feel like I've broken that cycle.

What Do You Think Made the Biggest Difference in Your Success?

The biggest difference was having Sheila's guidance and a support group of women going through the same struggles. I also liked having modules to read every couple of weeks that I could refer back to anytime I felt like I needed extra motivation or guidance.

Were There Moments of Doubt? Moments Where You Held Back?

I felt moments of doubt throughout the beginning, because I felt like I had tried so many things in the past and was not sure if I could really overcome my struggles this time.

How Did You Get Through It?

By sticking to it! And leaning on Sheila and the girls in the private Facebook group for advice and support.

What is One Word that Describes How You Feel About Yourself Right Now?

I feel confident and proud of not only my body but the woman I've become.

What Advice Would You Have for Someone Wanting to ROCK her Dream Body (and Dream Life)?

Focus on living life, and doing things that make you happy and fulfilled. When you are filled up with things that bring you joy, you don't rely on food to fill up a void. And having a support system is also SO helpful too!

Immersion Graduate: Angela, 25, Buffalo, NY