Let’s Celebrate! Share Your Big WIN with Us!

My wins were many.

I have grown by leaps and bounds emotionally and have shrunk several clothing sizes!

I no longer dwell on what I don't have in my life.

I spent a tremendous amount of energy doing so and I am so much happier and calmer now that I have let that emotional component go.

I had baggage from my past, and lots of it, that I carried around every day. I would bury it, and then just as I would think it was gone, I would dig it back up and dwell on it.

Fear, jealousy, and sometimes anger had quite a grip on my thoughts until I figured out, through our work together, that my thoughts were limiting my happiness! I don't allow that to happen any more and it is so incredibly freeing.

I had plenty of excuses for why I couldn't lose weight. I would dwell upon the almighty number on the scale. I was not very nice to myself. I wasn't loving or forgiving to myself like I was to my family and friends. I was good at giving up when things got tough even when I would tell others not to give up on their dreams!

I now look at my body and my weight completely differently than I ever used to. I'm kind, loving and forgiving to myself.

I have found exercise that I truly enjoy. I don't expect immediate and/or unreasonable results and I am perfectly content with that.

I don't deprive myself.

I have no reason to "give up" because my life is no longer a number on the scale that I have set to attain and then I can be "done". My life is a journey. A journey into: healthy, delicious foods; treats if I want them; alcohol on special occasions and in moderation; enjoyable exercise; moving my body; getting stronger; and feeling confident. I don't diet - I live!

Why is this So Meaningful for You?

Because I was a gigantic ball of constant stress. I didn't like myself. I was angry, fearful, sad and downright depressed at times. I wasn't blaming anyone for where I was at in my life, but I didn't know how to turn it around. I was taking care of everyone around me and not giving anything to myself.

Now that I have gone through the program, my whole life has changed.

I started out on a quest to lose weight and ended up changing my entire outlook on life.

What Do You Think Made the Biggest Difference in Your Success?

Learning that what I did or didn't do each and every minute of my day was my choice - no one else's but mine.

If my life was going to be enriched, I was the only one who could make the choice to do so.

I have no control over anyone else's choices but my own. I chose to be happy, and to make joy and happiness my priorities.

Were There Moments of Doubt? Moments Where You Held Back?

Plenty of doubt.

I read my journal now and giggle at some of my doubt. I have come a very long way in how I treat myself and it is nothing short of amazing.

I judged and criticized myself even though I knew I shouldn't be doing so.

Sometimes, I didn't even realize I was doing it.

How Did You Get Through It?

I opened myself up to learning. I practiced what I learned. I wrote and wrote and wrote in my journal. I referred back to my writings and to my workbook when I needed gentle reminders.

I congratulated myself for how far I had come.

I eventually let go of the past and looked forward to even more good things in my future.

Through the program I learned to relax, to let myself have the time I needed to experience each day as it came, to forgive myself and others.

What is One Word that Describes How You Feel About Yourself Right Now?


What Advice Would You Have for Someone Wanting to ROCK her Dream Body (and Dream Life)?

Just do it. Give it 100%. Don't hold back anything.

Meet Michelle C., 55 from Wisconsin

I am 5'3" tall and have always been one to carry "a few extra pounds." Read that to be like anywhere from 10 to 50 pounds overweight on a weight chart.

I wanted to be tall and slender and eat chocolate all day without gaining an ounce. What I thought I wanted was unreasonable for my body shape so I was stuck in a cycle of trying to attain the unattainable and then giving up after I didn't see a model staring back at me when I looked in the mirror.

Oh, if I could just be thin and beautiful then I would get the perfect relationship and have my fairy tale life. Seriously, I spent years thinking this way and all it did was depress me! So then I would eat... and eat... and gain weight. So, I would try the next fad diet, book, shake, pill, program, whatever. I would lose some weight and I would think, "Yay! Now I got this." But fads are just that, fads and not permanent solutions. If they worked we would all be models, right?!

So that was me, really... until I found Sheila. Now I am relaxed about who I am and what I feel, eat and do each and every day. The difference is, as I said before, amazing.

Nope, I didn't grow 6" taller or drink from the fountain of youth and suddenly become 21 again; however, I am enjoying every minute of being exactly who I am, at my current age and working with the body I was given!

My transformation continues in both my mind and my body, and I continue to enjoy the journey each and every day.