Business Coaching for Health Coaches: Stephanie’s Testimonial

Are you a health coach who struggles with confidence? Do you not know where to start with marketing and setting up the right structure in your business? You’re not alone! Stephanie went from uncertainty and starting from scratch to confidence and feeling like she earned her expert title.

The uncertainty that comes with the start of a new health coaching business is typically the toughest part. When Stephanie Webb of, graduated from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and started her health coaching business, she knew she needed help getting set up. 

She wanted to build confidence as the expert that she is, as well as, set up the right foundation so she could scale her business, offering packages and courses that support her clients optimally AND did not lead to burnout for herself.

Stephanie and I began working together in January 2017 with the goal to:

  • Build her confidence as a coach with the level of education she has obtained (she's the real deal and it's time to OWN that)
  • Create structures, systems, and funnels to best support her ideal clients
  • Map out templates for her signature webinar, group program, and a summit to build her tribe with ideal clients
  • Hire/outsource and build a team that will make it easy for her to focus on the tasks that only she can do

Stephanie says:

“Sheila’s really been there to keep me focused. She reminds me why I am building a business and that when fear pops up or I fall down, I've got to keep going because it's all part of the process of becoming the woman that can handle what it is that I say I want. I've shown myself that I am a lot stronger than I thought.

After hosting the summit, something shifted. I take myself seriously now. I have stepped into the shoes of an expert. I used to think that I just needed ONE MORE qualification or certification and THEN I would feel like I was finally qualified to be an expert. I realize now that in that thinking, I was limiting myself. I've earned this business and I'm no longer afraid to dream big.

I couldn’t have gotten here without Sheila.”

Here are a few of the many achievements in Stephanie’s health coaching business that are a result of our work together. Stephanie:

  1. Hosted her first virtual summit, increased her email list by 3400+ women, and blew her target sales goals out of the water!
  2. Launched her first online course
  3. Hosted her first webinar
  4. Booked several speaking engagements in her community

Are you a health coach that just graduated with your certification but you aren’t sure where to start when it actually comes to running a successful health coaching business?

Watch Stephanie's video above to hear her full transformation story.

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