From Being Lost to a Stronger And Freer Woman: Dee’s Transformation Story

Dee was in a suffocating position related to her body and her life as a whole right before signing up for Immersion. She felt like she was trapped and there was nowhere to go. After Immersion, she became stronger and freer than ever. Listen to Dee’s transformation story.

When Dee was in Junior High, she was an active person and a fitness enthusiast. She would join sports teams, participate in fitness classes, and go to the gym to work out. Later in life, she reconnected with this enthusiasm for working out when got her personal trainer certification in 2013. But “life got in the way” and shortly before she found me, she was in a messy place, where everything in her life seemed to be just falling apart.

Her job as a bookkeeper was not giving her the fulfillment she needed and wanted. It wasn’t feeding her soul and she felt like she was drowning. Further, her kids were moving out of the house, her marriage was on the rocks, and most importantly, her passion for fitness was not paying the bills.

During our work together, Dee broke down all of her walls and let herself open up. Though it was tough at first, she eventually let herself be vulnerable so that she could face her problems and take inspired action.

She finished the program stronger and better than ever. Now she is sharing the motivation and inspiration she got from Immersion with her circle of family, friends and clients.

In this special interview, you’ll hear:

  • How facing her food and body-image issues positively “affected Dee’s life as a whole, as well as, the lives of the people she loves most.
  • What Dee finally had to do in order to stop sabotaging her success and get out of her own way. The incredible thing that happened when Dee allowed herself to be vulnerable and “seen” related to her financial struggles.
  • How Immersion helped Dee get “unstuck” and find her passion again.

…and more!

Here are a few nuggets of wisdom from Dee:

“Trust the process, trust in you. Trust the program, keep on it.”

“You have to work through it and it’s uncomfortable, it’s not fun, you’re going to shed tears and you are going to maybe get angry at yourself or the world or life or God or whatever but you have to work through it because what’s on the other side, it’s amazing. It’s like coming into paradise.”

“Get rid of it, you don’t need it anymore and it’s not serving you.”

“If you’re not willing to put the work in, if you’re not willing to commit to it, then you’re going to stay the same.”

“If I wouldn’t have invested in this and invested in myself, I would not be where I am today.”

I am SO proud of Dee and her transformation story.

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