From Body Image Obsession and Yo-Yo Dieting to Body-Freedom: Kim’s Transformation Story

Kim was obsessed with body image and dieting before enrolling in Immersion. She was stuck in body-jail. After Immersion, she found food-freedom, confidence, and trust in herself. Listen to Kim’s transformation story in this ROCK Your Dream Body Graduate Interview.

I’m so thrilled for you to listen to my interview with Kim Berke, who graduated from my ROCK Your Dream Body Immersion Group Coaching Program in 2016.

Kim is now my Assistant Coach in the Immersion Group Coaching Program and in our ROCK Your Dream Body and Dream Life Facebook Tribe, which is growing like wildfire!

Join us now and invite the women that need this message too!

Her story may be a little different than you might expect. Kim didn’t enroll in Immersion because she was looking to lose weight. She wanted to master her yo-yo dieting, food triggers, and body-image obsession.

I remember when Kim first enrolled in Immersion, she mentioned to me that she would get really triggered by before-and-after pictures on social media. She was also very fearful of being seen on social media and was apprehensive about joining Immersion because she didn’t want to have a Facebook account.

These days, Kim is all over our Facebook group supporting, sharing stories, posting photos and even videos too! It makes me so happy to see how much she has given herself permission to shine!

Transformations aren’t always about weight loss. Kim’s beautiful story of finding her Power was about saying yes to herself and discovering how to nourish her body from a mindset of self-discovery and self-love, rather than from a mindset of “I’m not good enough, I’m not perfect.”

In this special interview, you’ll hear:

  • How her body confidence was affected in college when she went from being known for being small to gaining 40 pounds from anxiety medication.
  • Why she stopped thinking about weight so much when she met her husband (and how she coincidentally lost weight effortlessly during that time).
  • What happened when she turned 40 years old and decided to go on a vegan bodybuilder meal plan and exercise plan that she found on Instagram.
  • How breaking free from body and food obsession has truly transformed Kim’s life as a whole.
  • Why Kim says you really don’t want to go back to when you weighed ___ in the past and why Kim has stopped weighing herself completely.
  • How she went from isolation, sneaking food, and eating to numb out, to food freedom, being a social butterfly and trusting herself.
  • What Kim has to say about “Twisted Self-Care” and putting our own needs last on the list of priorities.
  • The positive ripple effect that Immersion had on Kim’s college age daughter in her relationship with her body.
  • What Kim says about cheat days, gluten, and sugar.
  • Kim’s mindset advice for working through resistance and fear of change or doing something different when you are feeling the YES to enroll in Immersion.

…and more.

I am SO proud of Kim and her transformation story.

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