From Eating Disorder to Food Freedom: Julie’s Transformation Story

Julie suffered from an eating disorder for many years. She resorted to food to numb her emotions and stuff the pain she experienced as a child. Hear her transformation story, as well as, her husband, Justin’s perspective on the positive effect it has had on their relationship too.

Ever since she was a child, Julie resorted to food to numb her emotions and the pain she experienced. Instead of facing her negative emotions head on, she learned to protect herself from them by stuffing them away and turning to food for comfort.

Her relationship with food and her body was broken and she carried this with her throughout her teen and adult years, feeling like she was living in a constant fog.

In this powerful interview, Julie shares how she went from disordered eating to feeling empowered in her body and life through her participation in my Rock Your Dream Body Immersion Program.

In this interview, you’ll hear:

  • How Julie was able to break free from her eating disorder.
  • How she faced her fears about investing in herself.
  • How her husband, Justin’s, initial skepticism has turned to 100% support now that he has seen the positive impact it has had on their relationship.

Julie says:

“When I initially signed up I thought… I’ll have a good relationship with my body because it will be perfect. And I’ll have a good relationship with food because I’ll have a good meal plan. But my body hasn’t really changed that much. I needed to change on the inside. And that’s what is great about Sheila is that she’ll work with you on the physical part, the food and eating and fitness, but she goes deeper than that. And that is what I needed...and not all coaches do that….everyone is going to get different results on her program because she just wants you to be the best YOU. The person that you are going to love. That’s going to look different for everybody, but I can honestly say that I love who I am becoming and who I am creating for myself. She’s been there all along, but I have been stuffing her. Sheila’s given me the freedom and the tools to release her.”

Justin says:

“Julie makes me want to be a better person, be happier, and even smile more. When we first got married, the beautiful Julie would get a little suffocated but Sheila’s program was able to pull out the beautiful Julie, the best version of Julie. Now, Julie shines in ways that are even better than what I have seen throughout our dating, courtship, and marriage. We love Sheila’s program and the experience with her. We would TOTALLY do it again. It has brought us closer than ever to each other. We both became open, honest, and vulnerable which strengthened our relationship even more.”

I am SO proud of Julie and her transformation story.

Are you ready for your OWN transformation story? Apply now and let’s chat.

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