From Years of Trying to ‘Lose 5 Pounds’ to Healthy Habits and Career Confidence: Angela C’s Transformation Story

Angela was stuck for years trying to lose 5 pounds, always on a diet, obsessed with her body and food. After ROCK Your Dream Body Immersion, Angela found “the best of both worlds” balancing healthy eating and indulgences, and as a result, building self-confidence in her career in TV and freedom to fully enjoy her life. Listen to Angela’s transformation story.

Before Immersion, Angela was never content with her body. She always felt like she needed to lose 5 pounds. She also works on TV, so the whole “camera adds 10 pounds” message messed with her head too.

Basically, Angela was always on a diet, trying something new, i.e. no carb, more protein, or counting calories. Angela says she was making herself sick because she was so obsessed with her body and food.

She felt trapped because she wasn’t where she wanted to be body-wise, but wasn’t enjoying what she was eating either, sometimes even experiencing extreme guilt if she wanted to treat herself to ‘bad’ foods on the weekend. Angela was stuck in a vicious cycle, like a hamster spinning on a wheel never really getting anywhere.

After Immersion, Angela found what she calls “the best of both worlds” balancing healthy eating and indulgences.

She is happy with herself, has healthy habits, and is enjoying her life. She goes out with girlfriends and doesn’t feel like she needs to control everything she eats or is sabotaging herself anymore. She’s busy living life and chasing after her goals, thinking about food and body-image a lot less.

I’m so excited for you to listen to my interview with Angela, who graduated from my ROCK Your Dream Body Immersion Group Coaching Program in 2015.

In this special interview, you’ll hear:

  • What Angela believes is the root reason that so many women obsess over what they eat, how many calories they are eating, how much they are working out, and their weight.
  • How Angela handles stress and uncertainty differently now versus before Immersion.
  • How she feels about the scale and her body weight now.
  • Her new “set it and forget it” mindset about food and health overall.
  • Angela’s aha about the key to eating intuitively and listening to your body.
  • Why connecting with other women on this journey too is a game-changer for finding your balance.

…and more.

Here are a few nuggets of wisdom from Angela:

“At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose. All you really have is yourself, your body. And you want to wake up and feel like you have a lot of pride in yourself and who you are.”

“Getting a handle on your eating and body-confidence spreads into other areas of your life too because when you are confident, you put your best foot forward at work, and in your relationships. I look at it as an investment in your way of life. When you feel good, it’s positive energy that comes back to you. It’s more than just body-image and eating. This is taking your confidence to the next level.”

“Who wants to be consumed with food and body-image issues all the time? You don’t need to struggle through this for years. How long do you want to struggle?”

“Don’t try to measure yourself against some standard. Your dream body is when you can eat healthy but indulge in a healthy way and basically be happy with your body. Your dream body is when you have the best of both worlds. You have to put your life into perspective.”

I am SO proud of Angela and her transformation story.

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