7 Easy Self-Care Tips

7 of my best self-care tips to fill your cup and get you back into your power so you can show up as the best version of yourself in life!

Self-care. It’s important. It’s not selfish. Here’s why.

Do you ever find yourself feeling so depleted and exhausted that you are ready for bed at 6PM or worse, suddenly snapping at people that you love?

It’s because your cup is empty. And it’s up to YOU to fill it.

Today I am sharing 7 of my best self-care tips to fill your cup and get you back into your power so you can show up as the best version of yourself in life!

1. Start Your Day With Meditation

Even if it’s just 5-10 minutes, start your day with this time to be still, connect with yourself, and set your intentions for how you want your day to feel.

Visualize things going the way that you want them.

Do this before you even get out of bed because for most people, if you try to squeeze it in later, it won’t happen.

As I usually say, be realistic and set yourself up for success!

2. Schedule Exercise Like a VIP Appointment

Your body was meant to move, not sit at a desk all day.

You know how you feel about that really important meeting with your boss or client? Treat your exercise just as important, and schedule it as such, and your body and health will repay you tenfold.

3. Ask for Help

People love you and want to help you. But they are not mind readers. You need to communicate with them and ask them for what you need.

Having an open conversion with the people that we love about what we need is one of the greatest gifts we could ever give to them.

They want the version of you that is empowered. They do not want the version that is a shell of a woman walking around just trying to get it all done.

Share how you are feeling right now. Don’t point fingers or blame, but do ask for help in figuring out a plan that gets you the support you need so that you can take care of yourself and your health.

4. Pamper Yourself Daily

Yes daily. In little ways if that’s all you can do for now.

Things like meditation, 5 minutes of peace in the bathroom alone… if that’s all you can work in for self-care activities, do that.

Then work toward things like a pedicure, massage, stretching, foam rolling, quality time with girlfriends or your family too (more on that in a minute).

Do those things that energize you on the daily and watch your life transform for the better!

5. Aim for Quality Not Quantity

As I mentioned, it’s not about more it’s about better. Better quality time with the ones you love, not just more time.

Think about it. What’s better being in the same room with your partner or kids when you are crabby and depleted OR taking time to go do you and then coming back happy and energized and then spending a bit less, but better quality time with them?

I think we both know the answer.

6. Breathe

You can reset your entire nervous system with 5 deep breathes.

Imagine what an impact that would have if you did that several times a day.

Most people spend the majority of their day breathing really shallowly. They think they are tired when really they are just not getting enough oxygen into their system.

7. Get Out of Your Head

Meaning, quit over thinking things. Let stuff go that doesn’t serve you. Release negative emotions like guilt, shame, resentment, judgement.

Talk and think about what you do want. Release and forgive the rest.

When it comes to other people, one mantra that always helps me to have more compassion and release any negative feelings is, “There is always a good reason why anybody does what they do.” I got that from Allison Armstrong.

Best perspective ever!

You never know what is going on for anyone else, so just send them love and focus on what you are creating in your own life.

Those are my 7 easy self-care tips! Want more? Make sure to get on my VIP list below.

Remember, there is no better time than now to begin feeling amazing in your skin!

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