7 Tips for Creating a Morning Workout Routine

In this video, I’m sharing 7 of my best tips on how to work out in the morning.

Do you struggle with getting motivated to work out in the mornings?

Not everyone is a morning person, but sometimes an early morning workout is realistically the only way that you’ll get it in.

People argue all the time about what the best time of day is to work out, and I say, the best time is the time that works for your lifestyle and preferences!

And if working out in the morning is the only time that realistically works for you right now, let’s figure out how to make it happen.

7 Tips for Creating a Morning Workout Routine

1. Put your alarm across the room

For most people, the hardest part of waking up is the actual getting out of bed. I find that after I get in the habit of working out in the morning, it’s not as hard after a few weeks of being in the routine. It becomes something that you just do, without even thinking about it.

So if you can get through those first few weeks of forming that habit, and just get yourself up and out of bed, you’ve won half the battle!

2. Prep the night before

What does this look like? First, go to bed with enough time to get a proper night sleep. And don’t stay up laying in bed watching TV or scrolling through Facebook. I find that when I turn all technology off at least 30 minutes before bed, I tend to sleep better and fall asleep faster.

Also, make sure you choose your workout ahead of time and set out your clothes and pack your gym bag.

Pack your work bag too, and have your breakfast ready, so you are ready to rock and can flow right into your schedule.

If you live far from work, it may even save you time in traffic if you head to a gym or a fitness class near your work, work out and get ready there, and then go straight to work.

I did this for years when I worked in the corporate world. It saved me 45 minutes in traffic by beating rush hour.

3. Keep your big picture goals front of mind

A great way to remind yourself of your big inspiring goal is to put pictures or sticky notes with mantras that inspire you on your bathroom mirror so you can look at them as you brush your teeth, rather than talking yourself into going back to bed. When you are super focused on your goals, willpower is no longer an issue!

4. Create an amazing workout playlist

I have a Spotify playlist that I just keep adding new favorite songs to. You can also find a lot of already created playlists on Spotify too.

It’s funny how you somehow find extra energy even when you’re exhausted when your favorite song comes on.

5. Get some workout clothes that make you feel sexy and fierce

It’s so much more fun to workout when you are wearing clothes that fit well and make you feel good. Invest in some new, colorful workout clothes and it will pay off in motivation tenfold.

6. Splash your face with cold water

I know it doesn’t sound fun, but it will wake you up fast.

7. Make plans to meet a workout buddy

Whether you’re taking a class, lifting weights in the gym, or running in the park, make a date with a workout buddy so you have that extra layer of accountability to show up.

We may back out on ourselves sometimes, but we’re far less likely to back out on a friend!

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