Forgive and Release Old Stories | Tapping Into Your Inner Badass Series (Part 3)

In this video I show you how to forgive and release anger and resentment so you can finally allow yourself true happiness and freedom.

Getting stuck in old stories, blame, anger, and feeling like a victim holds us back from our greatness.

It makes sense, right? If you are focused on everything bad that has happened, how could you ever receive what is good?

Forgiveness, releasing our feelings of being a victim, and embracing the lessons we’ve received from even the most tragic experiences is the greatest gift we could ever give to ourselves and even those around us that we love.

Holding onto old stories of resentment and anger keeps us stuck cycling in more of that. It keeps us small.

Releasing and letting go sets us free!

It’s not about letting other people off the hook for their actions. It’s about creating space and lightness within ourselves so we can allow what we DO want in.

Imagine your old stories of negative experiences and emotions as a sack that, every day when you wake up, you pick up and carry with you. Over time, it gets really heavy.

And for many people it actually shows up physically on our body as excess weight or health issues.

Emotional stress blocks your body from functioning like the well oiled machine that it truly can be.

We get into the habit of telling our old stories because in a way, they protect us from experiencing the same again. But at the same time, they end up blocking all of the things in life we actually want too.

If you don’t do the inner work, you are never going to allow yourself to have what you want. You’re going to continue to self-sabotage and block yourself. Because you don’t believe you deserve the good stuff. All you have experienced and remind yourself about is the bad stuff.

So… are you ready to release and forgive so that you can allow the life of your dreams?

Watch the video above to find out the exact steps you need to follow to let go of this stuff for good.

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