How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

Want to learn how to eat healthy on a budget? In this video I share my JUICIEST tips, which may be quite different than what you're used to!

Typically when it comes to budgeting, let’s be honest… the tips always feel really restrictive.

  • Cut back!
  • Stop getting those lattes and fresh juices!
  • Make all your meals at home!
  • Take all the fun out of life and go to work every day and go home and don’t splurge anywhere!

This type of thinking is lack-focused.

And whatever you focus on, you create more of.

And the more you tell yourself you can’t have or do something, the more pissed off and deprived you feel. Right?

So what’s a better approach?

Watch this video to find out my 2 juicy tips for you on how to eat healthy on a budget, which may be very different than what you’ve heard before on this topic!

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