How to Eat Healthy When Your Spouse Doesn't Want To

In this video I share 7 tips on how to eat healthy when your spouse doesn't want to.

I know how hard that can be when you're trying to do what it takes to eat healthy and get to your dream body goals, but your spouse is just NOT on the same page.

Trying to eat healthier when your spouse doesn't want to can make getting to your dream body goals 10 times harder.

Today I am going to give you 7 tips to eat healthy and ROCK your dream body goals so you can feel amazing in your skin, even if your spouse is not interested in eating healthy with you.

1. Take Responsibility for Yourself and Ownership of Your Desires

It’s nobody else’s job to take care of you. It’s yours. I know how harsh that sounds but when you truly own that, you take your power back.

Resenting our spouse for not helping us is an energy suck because we’re giving our power away to someone outside of ourselves, essentially saying, he gets to choose for me.

Note: I am speaking to women in a heterosexual relationship here, but obviously you can apply these same principles if you’re a guy, and or same sex relationship too.

YOU have a choice. And you can either let his actions or words hold you back from the things you really want, OR you can become resourceful, learn to communicate effectively, and decide that your desires and YOU matter.

2. Move from Resentment to Compassion

The more compassion we can have for people, the more likely we will be to eventually come to some sort of mutual agreement that works for both of us.

Put yourself in your spouses shoes. It’s probably scary to see you making these new decisions. That means less pizza!

In all seriousness, when we get scared that our comfort zone might get shifted by somebody else, we rebel. Don’t take it personally.

Your spouse might be acting out of fear because he wants to get to choose for himself. Having an open, nonjudgmental conversion about your desires and what you need from him in order to achieve your goals is key.

Don’t expect him to just know what you’re thinking or to know how to support you. Be clear and be fair. If he isn’t interested in getting healthy at this time, that’s okay. He gets to choose for himself what’s right for him. Focus on your desires and ask for what YOU need.

3. Lead by Example

The greatest gift that we could ever give to anyone that we love is to show them what it looks like to thrive.

When we step into our power and own our desires, it gives others permission to do the same.

Who knows if he will ever decide to join you but he has to make that decision for himself. The more you try to force him into something, the more he will just push back. Guaranteed.

Show him how easy breezy it is. Show him how good it feels. And be open and ready to support if and when he has questions or asks for your help.

4. Streamline Your Cooking

One of the biggest obstacles for most people when they want to eat healthy but their spouse doesn’t, is what to make for dinner.

Yes, you can just tell him that he’s on his own for dinner, but sometimes that’s not very realistic.

So, come up with ways that you can use some of the same ingredients to make you what you need, and whatever he wants too.

Make a taco bar but instead of using a shell, cheese, and sour cream, make yourself a salad, with 0% fat Greek yogurt and a dab of guacamole.

Again, this is an area where you can ask for help. Get creative together and come up with ideas that work for the both of you.

5. Separate Your Food from His (Less Temptation)

If you feel tempted by all the processed and munchie food that your spouse likes to have in the house, separate your food. This may sound silly, but the more out of sight you can make it, the easier it will be for you to stick with your plan.

Yes, he’s probably going to pull it out at night while you are watching TV, so prepare for that.

What fun healthy treat can you enjoy instead? What activity can you do to keep yourself busy?

I love foam rolling, stretching, or even giving myself a pedicure at night while watching my favorite show.

Or maybe instead of snacking while watching TV, you can cuddle!

6. Choose a Restaurant that Works for the Both of You

Ok, so it’s date night. Where do you go? Choose a restaurant that has options for the both of you.

Honestly, these days you can find something healthy at most restaurants. To make sure, planning ahead is always important. Look up the menu online ahead of time and choose what you’re going to eat.

I like to plan out ahead of time how many cocktails I am going to have too, if any, just so that I am prepared and can consciously stick to it.

7. Remember Your WHY

When all else fails, tap into your WHY. Not your goal weight or the number you want to see on the back of your pants. Your TRUE reason why you want to be healthy and fit. What inspires you on a daily basis to stay on this journey?

When we have a crystal clear connection to our WHY, we can handle anything!

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