Are you ready to take a big, bold leap out of the status quo?

Do you struggle with body-confidence, yo-yo dieting, and feeling like your happiness is being blocked by the last 10, 20+ pounds you want to lose... even though deep down, you know it's not the weight that is holding you back?

Do you want to finally give yourself permission to ROCK your dream life and do, have and be all that you have ever desired and more?

Good. You’re in the right place.

I teach women how to step into alignment and harness their feminine (creative) energy to fully embody who they are and open themselves up to receiving the freedom, ease, and grace that is their birthright.

I teach this now because for a long time, I tried to fit a mold that wasn’t meant for me. I tried to measure up and “behave” according to what I thought I needed to be in order to be successful, valued, and worthy of love (and attention).

And then one day, I woke up. I gave myself permission to follow my heart even when it was the opposite of what I was told I was supposed to do.

Here are a few examples of the “crazy” things I have done:

  • Ignored a Hashimoto's "diagnosis" and went on to heal my body by doing the inner work
  • Left a cushy job in the corporate world without a plan of what's next
  • Cashed out my 401K to pay for high level coaching
  • Moved across the country to my dream location in Southern California
  • Built a global brand
  • Met the man of my dreams WHILE I was still married
  • Divorced a great man because we were no longer a match
  • Sold my company, that I thought was my everything
  • Started another company that ALSO had nothing to do with my expensive college degree

… and so much more. I've also traveled the world in luxury and manifested circumstances, experiences, and relationships that blew my mind in terms of what I thought was possible for me.

All because I gave myself permission to expand beyond my limitations.

I know how it feels though. You’re so busy. The demands and responsibilities of your life keep your to-do list overflowing even though you are moving at a hundred miles an hour. You hear the voice inside that says, “I deserve more than status quo," but you feel trapped so you push your desires and dreams aside. You ignore them.

But the voice continues to speak to you… in the middle of the night or when you are stuck in traffic alone.

You are afraid to act on your desires. Because, what if you fail? What would people think? Or… what if you actually succeeded? Then what?!

Your soul is trying to speak to you. To tell you that there is more to life than tedious to-do lists and doing everything that everyone else wants you to do in lieu of those things that would crack your heart open and make you feel fully alive.

It’s time to release the heavy excuses and limitations so you can step into the life of YOUR dreams… the one that feels meaningful, happy, and free!

I will tell you a truth I know you are ready to hear…

Hard work, pushing and forcing things, sacrifice, and trying to prove yourself as worthy... is NOT going to get you there.

So, what that means is that losing the last 10 or even 20+ pounds or getting that promotion, accolade, or award isn't going to get you there either.

True happiness and fulfillment is not actually about any of that. 

It's about TRUST, alignment, gratitude, and permission to be 100% authentically YOU.

So how do you get from here to there?

Here’s what you need to succeed:

  1. Guidance and support to help you expand beyond your current fears, limiting beliefs, and blocks. (Because, of course, you only know what you know. So to become more, you need to expand beyond what you have experienced and having a guide makes this process a lot MORE seamless and a lot LESS scary.)
  2. Clarity on what you desire. What is it that you REALLY want? Have you allowed yourself to dream that big? Or... are you not actually even sure?
  3. A road map with the milestones and inspired-action that will get you there. Remember, it's not hard work and pure grit that brings your desires into your reality, it's an inspired plan mixed with aligned energy (which can only happen if you remove your blocks and heal your fears). 
  4. A commitment to doing the inner work that will raise your vibration and align you with the necessary circumstances, opportunities, and people. 
  5. An attitude of gratitude, unwavering faith (TRUST in the process), focus, and a willingness to take inspired action in ways that are far beyond what has ever been comfortable or familiar before!

… and a few other things too, but that’s the basics.

If you have an aspect of your life you’d like to transform:

  • your body (and/or relationship WITH your body)
  • your career/business
  • your love life
  • your finances

...the best way for us to begin is for you to purchase my "I'm Ready For My Breakthrough" Strategy Session!

During this 60-minute phone session, together we'll discuss your dreams and desires and we'll pinpoint your biggest blocks.

I'll give you the spiritual guidance, support, and inspired action steps you need to create everything you have ever dreamed of and more!

I will show you how to strengthen your connection to your own intuition and ability to communicate your desires with confidence, break free of the energetic and circumstantial blocks that can slow your progress, and master the art of manifestation so you can quickly tune into and create whatever you want.

Although I rarely take on clients one-on-one, I know that I can have the biggest impact possible when I can help people have breakthroughs through an intimate private coaching setting.

For that reason, I no longer offer FREE discovery sessions. I've learned through my own experience and in working with hundreds of women that a big part of the transformation begins ONLY when you step up and put some skin in the game because, finally, you are realizing that YOU are worth investing in.

I only work with women who are ready to take inspired action toward their dreams. I find that the women who are ready to invest in themselves are the ones who end up being the most committed, and thus get the best results with this work. To be straight up with you, I do not waste my time with women who are just kicking tires. I work with women who are so ready that wild horses could not keep them from doing this work... THAT'S how ready I want you to be.

If this doesn't feel like a yes for you, no worries, I trust that you will find the coach who is the perfect match for the support and guidance that you need right now. I also trust that you understand that my time is valuable and that is why I do not offer coaching (or discovery sessions) for free. #HealthyBoundaries

If you would like free coaching I have plenty of free goodies on my blog here.

If everything I have shared above DOES feel like a YES to you, reserve your session now by clicking the link below. 

Once you have completed your payment, my assistant will reach out within 24 business hours with the next steps to book our session and prep you for the call. 

If together we decide that we want to take our work together further with a 6-month coaching package, the cost of the Strategy Session will be applied to your package.